Great Moments in Comics History: Green Lantern / Green Arrow #81

Ah, I see that Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and that undercover Guardian have stumbled upon the comic book store on this alien world!


  1. In my comic book store experiences, it’s more like every guy gives shifty, out of the side of their eyes glances if a girl walks in…

  2. Just out of curiosity , does anyone have a LCS that is owned by a woman? That would be pretty cool!

    • I used to live near a shop owned by a lady, and one of the places I frequent now is owned by a husband and wife. Both fine establishments.

    • My LCS, Brave New World Comics in Newhall, CA is owned by a woman. Its a great store and definitely doesn’t have that “no grlz allowed in the treehouse” kinda mentality.

    • There’s a shop in my town owned by a mother and daughter. They’re very nice but they are mostly into tabletop RPG’s and Magic and they don’t really keep up with the comics on the shelves. Because of that and the fact that most of the clientele that hang out there are the same i go to a shop farther away that ironically has more female customers, probably because of the emphasis on the monthly books.

    • Star Clipper in St. Louis is part-owned by a woman, and it is without question the best shop I’ve ever seen.

      Also, everything about this made me laugh. I wanted to carry Conor through town on my shoulders.

    • One of my LCSs is woman-owned. Illusive Comics and Games in Santa Clara, CA. Great shop.

    • My LCS used to have a woman owner – until that guy in the pink shirt came along and destroyed her.

      Oh wait that didn’t happen.

  3. Lol! 3 ladies work in my LCS. There are always girls or ladies browsing and buying as well.

  4. “A woman! I know because I’ve seen pictures!”

  5. I know of at least 4 major Comic Book Stores where I live. All of them have female employees and I see female customers every time I walk into one.

  6. *slow clap* Ha not bad.

  7. Heh.

  8. At least they were only walking in with one woman and not a whole binder full.

  9. Is that Ganthet and is he wearing slacks?

  10. That’s funny cause it’s like our….

    Hey wait a minute.

  11. Sometimes sadly accurate can be funny I suppose.