Great Moments in Comics History: Green Lantern #4

People know about Hal Jordan’s willpower, bravery, and determination, sure. But what is not as widely known is that NO ONE tells a better story at cocktail parties full of white haired, tuxedoed men.


  1. I assume this is what the iFanboy/TRS SDCC party looked like.  Just replace Hal Jordan with Conor Kilpatrick (and Hal’s beautifully coifed hair with nothing).

  2. How embarrassing, they’re all wearing the same blue suit!

  3. Do you think Hal is as amusing at the Green Lantern Corps cocktail parties?

  4. I think it might be hard to outshine Guy Gardern at the Corps Cocktail parties, don’t you think? Now that man is certainly the life of the party. 🙂


  5. Next panel: Tony Stark, dressed only in Iron Man codpiece and bow tie, holding a nearly empty bottle of Southern Comfort. "Shut up, Jordan. Where my bitches at?"

  6. @ Kenzaburo – Nah, I think Guy is the type of person to drink too much and fall into the pool with his clothes on. Hal strikes me as more of a ‘plastic bug in ice cubes’ type.

  7. Even the wait staff are amused! (Check out the guy in the only black suit.)

  8. Here’s the pitch for a new crossover event: Hal and the Hulk (was that last week’s Great Moment?) just wander around chatting people up with entertaining yarns.

  9. Oh Hal…a two button jacket?  Really?  I thought you had a sense of style…

  10. I never thought Hal was the type of guy to hang out at retirement homes

  11. There is absolutely no one quite like Hal Jordan. He truly is one of a kind.

  12. So is Hal Jordan apart of the Hellfire Club, or what?

  13. "Sam my good man, would you pass me that lamp shade……

  14. Hal is a nerd at heart, holding his ring in his pocket recreating the LOTR party scene with Bilbo. He’ll miss that couch-piano of his. Extra comfort but a headache to move.

  15. Wow, lettering has come a long way.

  16. I wanna know where that guy’s hand is directly behind Hal.

  17. @ TNC: It looks like that guys hand is in Hal’s coat pocket…

  18. Either that, or Hal is just getting really excited thinking about getting that red-head in bed with Carol.

  19. Who says Golden and Silver Age Hal is boring!  That boy is King WASP.

  20. "So i says to the lovely gal ‘You’ll never believe where I think I misplaced my power ring!’"

  21. "Hal is outdoing himself today! I’ve never seen him like this! Now for a reassuring pat on the ass!"

  22. Sadly for Hal, due to his Green Lantern duties he missed one rehearsal, and was never admitted into the a cappella group "The Bow-Ties".

  23. another way to prove he is awesome