Great Moments in Comics History: Godzilla #23

Godzilla #23

You know why Marvel is superior to DC? It’s just more realistic.


  1. Hey you lizard … get off my lawn!

  2. It’s a Cloverfield prequel.

  3. I want a giant poster of that panel. Or a t-shirt. Or bed sheets.

  4. As a newspaper man, J. Jonah Jameson should really know his your/you’re better than this.

  5. The panel’s funny, but the caption’s hilarious.

  6. "Miss Brant you’ve mixed up my pills again. When I said get me the pill for the large lizard this wasn’t what I had in mind."

  7. hahaha, does anyone know who wrote the issue?

  8. J Jonah’s breath is worse.

  9. Godzilla vs. J. Jonah Jameson?

    Godzilla doesn’t stand a chance.

  10. I see great potential for a team-up book with those two.

  11. now thats a character with a problem

  12. Now that’s what the reboot Spider-Man film should be!

  13. the caption made me LLOL

  14. next panel, the Sentry pulls on Godzilla’s leash. "Whoa! Easy, ‘Zilla! Be nice to the future mayor of New York." JJJ ponders what the Sentry said.

  15. @ vod89 –This issue of Godzilla, like the entire series, was written by Doug Moench, with art by Herb Trimpe.

     This makes be want to pull out my ESSENTIAL GODZILLA and re-read this great, fun series.

  16. "That darn Godzilla is a MENACE to NYC!! Where’s that trustworthy King Ghidorah?!"

  17. I love to fear Godzilla!  I love to hate J. Jonah Jameson!  I love to see J.J.J. hating and fearing Godzilla! and I love to see Godzilla instilling fear in J.J.J.!

    I hate that I don’t have a copy of this panel in any form.  Time to click ‘print’ and tack this up somewhere!

  18. Godzilla is going to be hella pissed when he reads tomorrow’s paper.

  19. I loved the Marvel Godzilla series and have a ton of the original comics.  He has to be the most awkward licensed character to have running around in the Marvel Universe.  I kind of wish Marvel would get him back.  It would be awesome to see a Bendis or Millar-written series where Godzilla just tears up a bunch of C and D-list heroes and villains.