Great Moments in Comics History: Game Boy #2

Nintendo Comics System featuring Game Boy #2


Super Mario takes a moment out from experiencing the epic majesty of outer space to totally shit on Brooklyn.


  1. Who knew that culture was so important to Mario.

  2. This is why I love comics. So is that Mario’s “natural” size and he needs to eat some shrooms to grow, or is everything just bigger in that Universe?

  3. Mario and Luigi are from Brooklyn: It would make sense if he was talking about Queens or Jersey, but this just seems like the work of a writer who didn’t do his homework. The painterly artwork on the other hand is great.

    • It’s well within the realm of possibility to hate your hometown

    • I’m pretty sure this is pre-dated gentrified Brooklyn. Also contrary to popular belief just because a bunch of rich white people moved there in the last ten years doesn’t make Brooklyn superior to Queens or Jersey. In fact much of Jersey that directly borders Manhattan is very much like Brooklyn with the large artistic community, innovative culinary, exceptional night life and old world architecture minus the ridiculous cost of living, the pushing out of the original population or the snobby assholes that think were they live makes them cool.

    • Yeah…I was just trying to find examples of boroughs/places that Mario, who I always saw as a proud Brooklynite from like Brighton Beach, Bay Ridge, or Bensonhurst, would be more likely to hate on. In doing so, I trolled and I apologize. I’ve been to many nice parts of both Queens and Jersey and agree 100% with phess1’s appraisal of Hipster Brooklyn.

    • Thank you. I apologize for being an over sensitive dick. Let’s hug it out.

  4. Mario is old Brooklyn. He just hates hipsters, that’s all.

  5. MARIO is talking about culture? Because the Mushroom Kingdom has SOOOO much to offer , right? Try visiting Hyrule, asshole!

  6. I had this when I was young. It’s so horrible. The only good thing about it was the cover.

  7. The art is shockingly great considering it’s in a comic called GAME BOY.