Great Moments in Comics History: G. I. Joe: Order of Battle #2 and #3

G.I. Joe Order of Battle #2 (1987)


Rocky Balboa, undisputed heavyweight boxing champion, was a member of G. I. Joe for one month in 1986 before someone realized that the rights to use his name weren’t cleared. A giant retraction / harshly direct retcon was published the following month. Rocky’s time with the Joes was brief and, officially, nonexistent.


G.I. Joe Order of Battle #3 (1987)


  1. Yeah, thats what the government wants you to believe. That it was a “legal” issue. I smell conspiracy theory all the way. You think Rocky single handely stopped the cold war in Rocky IV by just beating Ivan Drago? No sir. The cameras didnt show you all the covert stuff Pauly and him were doing when he wasn’t training in that montage scene. Some real black ops Margret Thatcher type stuff man. What happend to the Goonie kids after the governement got their hands on them for “questioning” about some piarate tresure? Never heard from again! OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE GOVERNMENTS HORRIBLE TRUTHS! WAR GAMES WAS REAL! D.A.R.Y.L WAS REAL!

  2. …is Rocky wearing Flash shoes?

  3. My 11-year-old brain was not ready for that Soviet-Orwell “NOTHING to SEE here.” To this day, I’ve seen retcons; I’ve seen no-prizes; but “retractions”…? The printer may have actually captured some lawyers’ fingerprints on the page.

  4. It’s actually a typo. It *should* have read, “Redacted”. Rocky’s participation in the JOE program is *still* classified. His mastery of the sweet science is actually a PhD.

  5. I had those comics. Actually, if I dig around, I might still have it. I remember as a kid seeing that and thinking, “WTF?”

    Yes… as an elementary school child of the 80s, I invented the phrase “W.T.F.?”. If I only had the foresight to copyright it and make t-shirts.

  6. Next you’re gonna tell me that professional wrestler Sargeant Slaughter joined the Joes!

  7. I remember this when it came out. I think they also printed the retraction in issue 4 as well.

    I was like WTF? It was very amusing and made no sense to me as a kid. Big Boa from Cobra was to be his arch enemy, but ultimately Big Boa ended up with nobody to box against. 🙁

    “Is not and has never been a member” – strong wording. It’s like what a girl would say to break your heart. “I am not and have never been your girlfriend!” “But baby just a month ago you said your were!”

    • heh, now I’m imagining Rocky sitting at a table, looking at the book. “Well, you don’t have ta seem SO offended that I’d be in your little club.”

  8. I love the retraction.

    Just the idea of the company scrambling to make sure they don’t get sued is just as funny as seeing that page.