Great Moments in Comics History: G.I. Joe #27

G.I. Joe #27

New York City in the early 1980s was just stereotypes as far as the eye could see.


  1. the kid in the stroller thinks it’s Moon Knight!  hahahaha!

  2. I love that the stereo actually says wikki wikki wikki, like me doing my really terrible human beatbox impression.

  3. Oh, come on! Everyone knows that the Weird Costume Marathon takes place in Boston, not New York City. Can’t believe that guy didn’t know that. Totally took me out of the moment.

  4. Storm Shadow is such a pussy.

  5. Are those trash cans full of ice cream sundaes with cherries on top? Oh, New York.

  6. wow

  7. I didn’t know Jerry Bruckheimer got his start writing G.I. Joe Comics. 

  8. wikki wikki wikki!!! Thats what music sounds like 

  9. I love that Storm Shadow is jumping over a game of Three Card Monte

  10. Oh my god! I almost missed the guy breakdanceing I nearly spit out my orange juice. 

  11. Is the nurse falling down a trap door?  I’m thinking it’s probably a subway station, but it looks awfully small and dark.  Oh no!  Her groceries!

  12. That’s the shittiest break dancing I have ever seen. But I love that white guy next to them that is trying really really hard to be one of the cool cats.

  13. I like the guy purchasing the magazines; that’s the pose I normally take when I buy magazines. Like I’m taking a dump….

    Also, the bad perspective of the stairs towards the top of the panel. lol

  14. and the award for most racist comic book panel of the past 30 years goes to….

  15. This panel demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of New York. Far crazier things happen everyday (especially the Marvel New York!), seeing two guys chase each other down a street is a common occurrence. 

    Oh stereotypes… 

  16. @Prax: If this was Marvel New York this would be the most normal thing to happen in the city ever.

  17. wiki wiki wiki! love it, thanks man

  18. Nice badonkadonk on the lady with the baby carriage.

  19. super fresh

  20. OMG! I just shot milk out of my nose. AND I WAS DRINKING ORANGE JUICE!

  21. Oh snap! The song that’s playing on that boombox is "Jam On It" by Newcleus.  Word.

  22. And now, to laugh for the rest of my life.


  23. what kind of street slang is that card scammer speakin?



    dude don’t gel and he’s flexin’ on anyone that runs past his table?

    he keeps that up and there’s gonna be murder (bloody murdah!) for sure.

  24. It’s full of steroetypes…and floating ninjas!

  25. The Annual Breakdance and Three Card Monty Festival is my favorite time of the year!  This also reminds me that I need to put "Wikki Wikki Wikki" on my iPod.

  26. What, no Madballs?

  27. NYC in the 1980s pretty much was like this. Minus the ninjas (and Moon Knight, never did see him running around)

    But Prax is right, stranger things happen all the time. Greatest City EVAR!

  28. fanbla72:  they miss spelled homie.

  29. @Cornelius: No, they didn’t. In the eary 1980s it was "homes" or "holmes" depending on how you pronounced it.

  30. Actually, it’s "misspelled".

    And Conor’s right.

  31. I think it’s a sign of my age that I distinctly remember this panel as I bought this issue when I was a kid.  The "Moon Knight" comment made it stand out in my mind.  It never occurred to me how insane this scene would appear in broad daylight on a busy street.