Great Moments in Comics History: G.I. Joe #16

Maybe Torpedo wasn’t the best tactical choice for the Treasury caper.

(Thanks to Josh for the panel and the joke.)


  1. maybe he wants to swim in the vault a la Scrooge McDuck

  2. Did anyone ever consider that he’s not wearing flippers but shoes?  I’ve seen some weird feet in my time…

  3. …only furthering my duck-based hypothesis

  4. I hope no one shoots me while I reload my harpoon for the next few minutes.

  5. He’s got the breathing thing in his mouth, but no tanks.  Also, he’s not in water.

  6. How is his knife staying put?

    and that is one fast cobra, see the swoop. his speed is proabbly why he missed and hit the door instead of the Joes.

  7. You know how when you were a kid and you got your first Superman costume (or whatever) and you wore it EVERYWHERE?

    Just sayin’…

  8. Why is that Cobra Officer’s head growing out of his chest?

  9. @BetaRayRyan – Aerodynamics?

  10. Also, if you break into somewhere, is it really an ambush? It’s it more…"security?"

  11. This panel is further proof of why GI Joe is awesome:

    – ridiculously clothed Joes succeed out of their element

    – the hero never gets shot at

    – Cobra has the most ridiculously awesome uniforms ever

  12. I love how Torpedo’s character is supposed to be a Navy SEAL (Sea Air Land) but can only wear scuba gear and use harpoon guns in every possible situation.  

    That Cobra dood who’s saying "AMBUSH" has some funky neck action happening…he’s grooving.  

  13. The guy turning his head saying ‘It’s G.I. JOE!’ really makes me laugh.

    He quickly turned his head like a cartoon and I image Conan O’Brien doing his ‘Huh?’ headturn as well.

  14. Next panel – Torpedo gets swallowed up Sam Jackson-style by a genetically engineered shark.

  15. You ever wonder if good ol’ Hama was aware of the mandated limitations of his product and just decided to screw with Hasbro from time to time? 

    This panel definitively answers that question

  16. It never slowed down The Flaming Carrot!

  17. Whats in the briefcase,? The guy on the table closed that up pretty quick (as denoted by the aforementioned swooping lines).  I want to think that it’s Marcellus Wallace’s soul.

     And why is the cobra rifle firing red?  Everyone knows cobra uses red tracer ammo and GI Joe uses blue tracer ammo

  18. Drill em!! Priceless

  19. Y’know what, smart guys?  Just you watch: there’s going to be a flash flood one of these days, or a dam’s going to burst, or something, and who’s going to be ready?  Not people who ever take off their S.C.U.B.A. gear, that’s who.  

    Also, that looks a lot like "The Fixer," in his pre-Thunderbolts costume, peeking around the corner.

  20. I love the Cobra seated at the table. Was he on break? Why does he have his gun drawn, but pointed at his commanding officer while surrendering to the Joes? Is he wearing a pink helmet? There may be more going on in this panel than we realize.