Great Moments in Comics History: G.I. Joe #1

Well, the mystery as to why G.I. Joe could never truly defeat Cobra is now solved. They can train, maybe, ten people at once in there. And there’s a dude cleaning his giant gun right next to another dude undergoing submersion training? My god, what kind of low-rent special missions force was this?


  1. Due to government cut-backs, the gymnastics corner is closed; trained spotters are expensive!

  2. They spent all their money on writers to come up with their cool code names.

  3. It actually looks like G I Joe is training to be on AMERICAN GLADIATORS. The upper right corner appears to be where they train for the second half of the ‘Breakthrough & Conquer’ event. Someone gave that guy in the lower right corner bad information about ‘Atlasphere,’ because GLADIATORS lost the all-underwater design before the first season. And it’s hard to tell, but the weaponry used by those Joes on the left are all tennis ball based, in preparation for ‘Assault.’ Little do they realize that it’s the Gladiators who will be shooting the tennis balls at them. Silly Joes.

  4. Seems a bit unsafe. Needs a pool for the divers and maybe some dumbells. And a Gatorade vending machine.

  5. Normally when you say "at ease" isn’t everybody saluting?  And even then, is the boy in the bubble supposed to be able to hear that?  Is the guy cleaning his gun a cyborg?  I don’t remember a cyborg in the joes.

  6. wow, those Joes sure can shoot a wall real well, glad to know they train to do that; you never know what a wall will do!

  7. WOw, that’s not even as good as the gym at my last apartment. 

  8. The ‘rifle range’ could explain why they’re poor shots. They are only certified to hit a target from 15ft with their guns.. 

  9. I loved this iteration of the Joe’s….even though they were supposed to be a super elite squad, they still had generic PFC’s with those laser rifles who were never really good for much. 

    Thats some kinda Kung Fu happening back there. Its called Grabby-Grabby style.  

  10. This reminds me of my brother in the Navy who is getting special combat and gun training before being deployed at the Gitmo base in Cuba. I sure hope he gets better training than this.

    @s1lentslayer: Maybe I should come up with a Joe name for him.

  11. It is nice to know that they’re fully trained in the use of crossbows. Just in case a 13th century war between France and England broke out.

  12. i want to know how one would get into that giant bubble

  13. They’re firing at targets 10 feet away, and no ones practicing acrobats over at the gym.  For shame G.I Joe, both for your poor training facility and for the dock you jacked from the country club and put in the middle of you place for no apparent reason, for shame! AND GET THAT GUY WITH THE CROSS BOW A BAZOOKA OR SOMETHING FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!

  14. @1SinMuse: The guy with the crossbow is Scarlet. It’s her "thing."

  15. I’m no military expect either, but doesn’t one have to be "at attention" before they can be "at ease"?  It’s like General Flagg walked into a room and shouted RELAX!

  16. I really, really want to shake that snow water globe.

    And who gets excited enough to say something so mundane as G.I. JOE COMBAT TRAINING CENTER in bolded letters?

  17. Note that no-one is using the actual gym equipment at the top left of the picture.

  18. There’s got to be a panel of Cobra’s training facility. I want to see what Cobra is doing wrong since they always lose.

  19. On the plus side they get a slide to access the lower walkway. The next panel shows the General going ‘WHEEEEEE!’

  20. There needs to be a show called, “Elite Military Training Facility Makeover” and GI Joe needs to be on the first episode.