Great Moments in Comics History: The Flash #67

Flash (Vol. 2) #67 (1992)


I’m pretty sure this issue ends with Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut putting aside their differences and joining the Rogues.


  1. Surely there is a photoshoped version of this lurking somewhere in the darker corners of the internet

  2. Haha your tags for these are always hilarious!

    Anyways, who the FUCK wrote this?!

  3. Mark Waid, believe it or not…

  4. Oh, Wally!

  5. 1) Thank you, Jeff, for displaying factual knowledge of the sport that I hold very near and dear to my heart! Chestnut is only a paper champion until he faces off against Kobayashi.

    2) I hope that his super speed includes super speed metabolism, because man, when you eat THAT much tubed pig anus…

  6. Is this Paul Ryan art? It’s got the “cribbed from john Byrne” vibe, but with smushed up faces which Byrne didn’t do.

  7. “Weenie-licious”

    That’s…not even close to a good pun. I’m offend Mark Waid!

  8. Super speed also gives you the ability to talk with your mouth more then just full, are you going to finish that must have been a question the readers were asking themselves as well.