Great Moments in Comics History: Emperor Doom

Emperor Doom


It’s hard to say what was more grating to their fellow West Coast Avengers at lunch time: Iron Man shattering chair after wooden chair when he refused to remove his armor at the table, or Hawkeye’s droning, repetitive carny stories.


  1. You know, Tony isn’t looking at her face.

  2. And who doesn’t keep their bow and quiver full of arrows in the kitchen?

    And Tony appears to be on the supermodel diet.

  3. Whatever Tony´s staring at, he does not seem happy about them.

  4. Is Tigra covered in tiny little hairs? It kinda looks like it. Perhaps this is why Tony isn’t thrilled with her coming near the table. She’s barely wearing any clothes and could easily shed all over his delectable lunch of three beans. 

  5. How many beans would you want to eat if you were going to be running around in that suit all day?  I think three seems reasonable.

  6. Sometimes I wish they would still write Clint like that.

  7. The 11 O’Clock Comics guys were talking about this series/OGN this week. Weird.

    And those chairs are packed with StarkTech, ergo no breakage.

  8. Someone at the Mansion sure had a green thumb.  Side note: I think I have that same coffee maker.

  9. The way this panel is set up, I get the feeling that the next thing Tony’s going to say is "Shut up woman and bring me my dinner." Also… why hasn’t Mockingbird touched her dinner? And more people should eat in costume. 

  10. We should all be giving a ‘tsh tsh’ to Iron Man’s helmet. Shame on it for not eating it’s……possibly beef stew?

  11. I think it love the comments on these articles as much as the great moment.

  12. Are they eating at the kiddie table? Did Tony come to visit the WCA for a play date?

    Also, I hate to be the cad here, but Mockingbird’s got back! 

  13. Clint’s carny tales will forever remain a mystery…

  14. How about the fact that Hawkeye has his elbows on the table? That’s just bad table manners, Mr. Barton.

  15. Indeed, mocking bird’s workin it, but look at her hair.  She’s rockin an extra long rat tail!

  16. Mockingbirds chair only has 3 legs.

  17. According to the rules of perspective, Tigra is roughly twice the size of Mockingbird.

  18. Mockingbird hasn’t eating yet, because if she did she would drag her giant puffy sleeves in her meal. Her and her poppin’ booty rue Costumed Lunch.

  19. Who doesn’t take their mask off to eat? WTF Hawkeye? And why does Iron man’s helmet get a place at the table, but not Tigra?

  20. that’s not his helmet it’s a collector’s edition fondue pot filled wit cheddar!!

  21. Unbeknownst to Hawkeye, there is no such thing as a monitor wavelength.

  22. @chrisequalsgreat It’s the best Tigra could come up with after Tony messaged her to save him from another carny story.

  23. All this scene needs is Black Widow crouching on one of those chair-backs.

  24. I’m actually impressed that Tony can use utensils while wearing his metal Iron man gauntlets. I have trouble getting my car keys into the ignition if I have gloves on!

  25. these greatest moment threads always turn into Open Mic Night at the stand-up bar… and to be clear, i make the lamest jokes of everyone.

    umm,… friggen carnies and their teeth!

  26. Hawkeye’s next line should be…"Hey, Tigra! Know what else just got ‘cut off suddenly’!?…ME! AND MY AWESOME CARNY STORY!!!! Now let  me finish!"

  27. Iron Man’s got that look on his face we all get from time to time, "why the hell’d I choose the WEST coast Avengers.  Bet Cap doesn’t have to put up with this carny crap."