Great Moments in Comics History: Cerebus #3

Cerebus might just be the greatest philosopher of our time.


  1. i have had the same experience

  2. Brought to you by the Association of Aardvarks who Hate Vegitarian Hippies.


    (I LOVE Cerebus!)

  3. Meat is always delicious.

  4. "She don’t eat meat, but she sure likes the bone." – New Age Girl by Dead Eye Dick

  5. i don’t get it

  6. Now there’s an earth pig I can get behind.

  7. suck it, vegetarians!

  8. Is it me, or can you cut the sexual tension with a knife?

  9. @1SinMuse-Its not just you.  All of the comments threads on iFanboy are like this.  full of lust and secret yearnings.

  10. @drake: That and chlop posts….I still cant deceiver them to this day 🙂

    Man this is old school Cerebus too, before the design change. Still it’s good to know a hero doesnt like salads…..the wuss of the food work.

  11. That needs to be a shirt, so I can wear it around great Los Angeles.

  12. Heh, I read this recently.

  13. After that panel "Ameno" is played to emphasise the point.

  14. MmMmMm meat

  15. Gotta respect the Aardvark.

  16. Do your duty, carry a ham!

  17. Haha. Sim is a master of the medium.

  18. God I love Cerebus. I need to finish that series one day. I’m like halfway through, which I consider an accomplishment in itself. 

  19. Ah geez, I love that Aardvark.

  20. The first four volumes of Cerebus are highly entertaining.  Spotty, after that.  I miss the little guy.

  21. Jaka’s Story is one of my favourite volumes of anything that I have ever read. Cerebus at its best was utterly absorbing.

  22. @drakedonger2-… I cant what to descuss lust and secret yearnings with you guys.