Great Moments in Comics History: Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles

Captain America's Bicentennial Battles


Sometimes, late at night, and if you catch him in one of those rare moments when he lets his guard down, Steve Rogers will admit that his greatest adversary wasn’t Red Skull or Baron Zemo or Ultron. It was Benjamin Franklin.


  1. It’s happened to all of us, Cap.

  2. I didn’t know the word "oddsblood" existed.  

    You know what they say: "You learn something useless every day."  Thanks, comics!

  3. The ‘Gad, sir!"’ guy looks pretty excited by it all from the way his apron’s lifting up.

  4. I will be using "oddsblood" from this day forward

  5. That damned Ben Franklin!!!! (shakes fist)

  6. Cap should’ve known that anyone who flies a kite in the rain is a diabolical genius bent on world domination.

  7. Is this the forum where I ask what’s going on with Caps left leg?

  8. "I don’t care what Captain America says, I am 98% certain that is not the real Ben Franklin!"

  9. I refuse to believe it. I won’t.

  10. Not only did Franklin steal all of caps money in a poker game, he also took his girl.

  11. I really wanna know how Ben ripped him off. 

  12. It’s the glasses really.  They just make him look trustworthy…

  13. Hey I had to live in Philly in constant fear of Franklin. Still have nightmares about that fateful visit to the Liberty Bell….

  14. It happens to the best of us Cap, did you know I was the one who came up with the $100 bill. That no good theif.