Great Moments in Comics History: The Brave and the Bold #124

In the ’70s they knew how to get comics out on time!


  1. Fill in the speech ballon:

    "cobra command says you gotta die!"

  2. Don’t do it, Aparo!!!

  3. Love it!  Great cover.

  4. "I’ve seen what happens to you in the 90’s. This is MERCY!"

  5. @WeaklyRoll: Cobra Commander was the first thing I thought of as well.

  6. Jim Aparo/Julie Schwartz  did that schtick a lot with his covers. I remember seeing one with the Joker doing the same thing to him.

  7. "Todd McFarlane told me to bump you off Batman so Spawn would sell better."

    Neat cover.

  8. I think this is DC Policy. That’s how Ivan Reis finished Blackest Night that quickly.

  9. "What if I just promise to STOP drawing Batman? Doesn’t that "kill" him too?" Aparo states as he crosses his fingers behind his back.

  10. oh my god! I actually have that issue!