Great Moments in Comics History: Batman Family #10

Hate the game, not the player.


  1. And then she literally tied him up.  That’s when the fun began.

    @conor – You’ve got to start telling us when these beauties came out.  I need some context.  I’m gonna guess 70’s on this one. 

  2. Both redheads. Nice.

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  4. I too would like to send a letter to Batgirl. Does anyone know her address?

  5. Pimp Dickie G!

  6. Definitely the 1970’s, I had a few Batman Family issues that are from my original "bought as a kid" comics and it was mid to late 70’s.

  7. The H stands for "Hell Yeah!"

  8. Man disco collars are chick magnets.

  9. Did Dick Grayson just set his ex-gf up with a lesbian?

  10. Way to live up to your name—DICK!

  11. not as bad as the comic where he sleeps with barbara and then they her he is going to marry starfire the next day.

  12. sorry then he tell her that he is going to marry starfire. that way messed up.


  13. In college, you’re only as cool as loose as your collar is.

  14. The ‘H’ sweatshirt is classic.

  15. The best Dick being a dick moment is in Batman 258, where Two-Face has a nuke rigged in the US Capitol Building, and has kidnapped Batman & Robin, and when they escape, Dick just leaves Bruce to handle the nuke and villains because he has to get back to school.

  16. Man, Dick definitely does have a thing for red heads, he doesnt even care if they’re aliens, as long as they got red hair.

  17. wangman31888

    He mentioned Kathy Kane, not Kate Kane the current Batwoman. Different character. 

  18. Batgirl @ crimefighting = skilled.

    Batgirl @ cockblocking = not so much.

  19. That other chick looked so much like Barbara, at first I thought she was in the room with him. Who ditches a wicked cool girl like Barbara Gordon for some rude bitch who looks exactly like her? Smooth move, Dick! You haven’t screwed up that bad since you designed the collar on the original Nightwing costume!