Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #4


Little known fact about Batman: He will totally be a reference on your resume.


  1. References:


    Vigilante crimefighter.

    Contact: Batsignal.

  2. This reminds me of the latest issue of Power Girl where after fighting some random villain she was all like "So anyway, do you want a job or something?"

  3. Fantastic art on that panel. Not only does Robin actually look like he took a couple of shots to the face, but the circle within a square with a black background makes it feel as though we are looking through a window into the Bat-conversation.

  4. And then Crisis on Infinite Earth’s happened and we forever lost helpful reference Batman. 

  5. Why am I picturing Porky Pig popping out and giving us his patented "That’s all, Folks!" as the circle shrinks?  Is it because I’m old?

  6. Is there a high demand for circus strong men?

  7. I wonder if "Hobbies: punching ex-circus acrobats" will come back to haunt him during his interview.  "Batman vouches that you’re strong, but Robin says you socked him in the face.  Hmmmmm."

  8. They just had rough sex with some dude.

  9. Not only do I love this feature, but I love the image of Conor surrounded by tremendous stacks and stacks of old comics looking for the next one. "Hmm. . . while this is certainly a GOOD moment, it’s not quite GREAT. . ." and emerging days later from a comic-filled bunker holding THE ONE.

  10. the bat on batmans chest kinda looks like its heads been cut of and that blood squirting out from its neck……i get therapy for the nasty images in my brain

  11. So basically:

    Dick: That guy beat me up, I’m in pain!

    Dick’s mentor: Someone should give that guy a job.

    Dick!  Get out while you can!  Your boss is a jerk!

  12. And people want Bruce back as Batman? Great moment.

  13. Little known fact, Bruce believes in corporal punishment.  He especially likes it when random strangers punch other people’s kids

  14. By the look of his stomach, this is a period where Bruce had too many Gotham City Krispy Kreme’s.

    @stuclach: It does look like a joke that is going to end ala Looney Toons.

  15. Note that Robin is asking if he was strong. This could mean Robin believes himself to be a pantywaist and he has no ability to judge physical strength.

  16. @English  Ha ha, Robin does look like he’s trying to figure something out, doesn’t he?

  17. I enjoy the stripes on the gloves, I have the image that these gloves are made out of sweater material. 

  18. Employer: So how do you know how strong he is?

    Batman: He slapped the shit out of my child ward and left a huge welt on his face.

    Employer; he’s hired! 

  19. I wonder when the guy write Batman as his reference, if he puts down the direct phone line for the Batcave? And what about email?

  20. i think for my next job im gonna put him down

  21. it’s too bad Dick doesn’t do the curly bang look anymore. very macho

  22. What I love too is that Batman actually looks overweight…

  23. How old was Robin at this point?


  24. @odino1 – He’s just big boned.

    @Gabe – I’m going to guess that he is approximately 4 years old.  That estimate is based solely on the size of his left hand.  It is the same size as my 4 year old daughter’s left hand, roughly. 

  25. "And then Crisis on Infinite Earth’s happened and we forever lost helpful reference Batman."


    Well, to be fair Helpful Reference Batman had been dead for years by the time Crisis rolled around.


    Appearently fans like complete asshole Batman better.

  26. @stuclach: Yes look at the size of those hands! Like the guy in those Burger King commercials.

  27. what if the guy wanted the job now? i mean bruce remembers every villain but dick doesn’t "who, sorry never heard of him"  

  28. Dick remembers getting smacked around!  So he’s all, "Oh, sure!  I’ll recommend you!"  Then he backstabs him with a poison pen letter that assures he’ll never get hired in any circus in America.  (Dick knows circus people!)

    What’s the guy gonna do, sue Batman for defamation?

  29. @ohcaroline: It’s the golden age, anything could happen.

  30. =| I’m with ohcaroline. Suing batman is fruitless, you have to serve him first then be lucky enough to have him show up in court. XD He’s wanted for vigilantism also from what I recall.

  31. Oh man, now I really want to read a comic about a day in the life of a process server in Gotham City.  That would be amazing.