Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #134

Batman (Vol. 1) #134 (1960)


I wonder if this story is still canon in The New 52.


  1. The true origin of Flatman and Ribbon!

  2. “I wonder if this story is still canon in the New 52.”

    Grant Morrison would find a way.

    • Cosmic steamroller.


      You’re welcome.


    • According to Grant’s run, this whole era of psychedelic Batman stories happened in his mind, either a) as an after effect of being exposed to all kinds of weird mild-altering drugs by villains like Joker and Hatter, in the time before he built up a natural resistance or b) as part of his trip while locked in Doctor Hurt’s isolation chamber.

    • Morrison has done some tremendous work to make panels like this legit and that is awesome. Anyone who can make people take the golden age seriously deserves props, Hell, an award.

  3. It’s like Adventure Time before Adventure Time! 0_o

  4. I always said Robin was a two-dimensional character.

  5. Defeated by a puff of wind. I can’t imagine the dynamic duo put this on their resume.