Great Moments in Comics History: The Avengers #8


Someone needs to teach Rick Jones’ Teen Brigade about the finer points of a sneak attack. And also about Kent State.


  1. When sneaking up on somebody, it’s not a good idea to yell "WE GOT HIM NOW, GUYS!!!!"

  2. Kang sure does have a big, ol’ round head. Makes me think that in another life he was driven to Evil by having one too many footballs pulled away at the last minute.

  3. lol

  4. And then Ohio by Neil Young plays……

  5. That’s one hell of an apartment layout Kang’s looking at. I see a round table, a long bathtub, two sets of stairs, a couple doors, and something that may or may not be a lamp. Nice to see fully furnished pads in the future don’t change too much.

  6. So Kang’s master plan is a flow chart printed on blueprint paper? Makes sense.

  7. Tin soliders and Nixon’s comin’ 🙂


  8. I have to imagine the next panel is everyone just burning alive. You don’t do any sneak attack on Kang and get away with it.

    Oh and how can it be sneaky if your screaming to the audience? lol

  9. @ Conor- I always look forward to this feature on Fridays! Have you ever considered posting the publishing date along with the title and issue #?

  10. Well, what do ya expect when the leader of the group thought it was a good idea to practice his harmonica playing on a missile testing site.    

  11. It seriously looks like Kang is just a lame Scooby Doo villain with that drawing.

    Who drew this issue?

  12. @TNC: Looks like Kirby to me.

  13. It is Kirby

  14. LOL.  Maybe Kang can’t hear them coming because he’s wearing a big ass antique scuba helmet.

  15. Nobody sneaks on Kang motherfuckers, Kang will fuck you up!

    Is it wrong that my only exposure to the character is from Young Avengers?

  16. Are they ice skating? What exactly is that surface they are sliding across there?

  17. Poor old Kang looks lost, and I think he’s holding his map upside down! Thank heavens those fine young lads are here to help their elders get their bearings…oh wait…

  18. is kang wearing thigh high boots? i think he made a poopy

  19. Why is the ground shiny? Why does Kang have a shadow and no one else? Why does the guy on the right have a pincer claw for a left hand? Why are Kang’s boots up to his crotch? Why does that rock just randomly taper off? Why is that guy wearing a porkpie hat over half his head? Why is Kang easily thwarted by a map? These and other questions will NOT be answered in Avengers #8!

    Oh Kirby… 

  20. ha! that’s some awesomeness. Kirby and Lee: masters of exposition.

    available at newsstands from Sept 1964 for 12 cents.

  21. Such cynicism in the ifancommunity.  If you’d actually read the issue you’d know what comes next is fairly significant in terms of comic history.  Rick ends up jumping Kang and then giving him his patented Preppy Punch while shouting "Conquer this M@%&her F#$%er!"  Rick then kicks Kang in the testicular area and shouts, "Congratulations.  You’ve just been Jonesed.  Booyah."  It was actually quite cutting edge dialogue for the early 60s, again historically speaking.       

  22. Kang’s head looks abnormally big in this panel.  I hope Rick Jones kicked his ass afterwards.

  23. oh, you jaded iFanbase members. The art looks that way because Kirby had to draw 4 monthly books that actually came out on time. If it was today, and you could take 6 months to draw one comic, I’m sure it would be more detailed. 

    Jack Kirby > Steve McNiven 

  24. Whenever we get told who the artist is on the book I get kinda angry.

    If this is a Kirby panel then I am shocked. That looks nothing like the Kirby I love.

  25. It delights me to see a ruthless master of time travel from the future consulting a big piece of paper. I live now, and I haven’t used a paper map in ten years.

  26. lol

  27. It looks like they are racing across a frozen pond to reach Kang. And love how Kang’s boots flare out at the top. Very pointy.

  28. What university is "E"?

  29. It looks like The Question (from DC) makes a cameo in this.

    That guy has no face just left of Kang.

  30. "E" could be ESU, where Spider-man went.

  31.  @JohnFVerrgino Oh, I’m aware of Kirby’s art style sometimes suffers some due to the amount of time he had and speed he needed to get things done. I just often think we so often make fun of the text of the "moment" and not the art. There were just some really absurd things going on in the art here that I had to point out.

     @The_Jimski The perils of digital paper? "I can’t touch this crease!" 

  32. @jimski-you have cracked the question of why is Kang having so much trouble reading the paper!  He has never used the product and is marveling at the ancient technology.  It’s like if you gave me an abacus, I would be so amazed at what the thing was that it would take me substantially longer than it should to do some simple math.

  33. @misterJ  ok you need a No-Prize for that one

  34. Surely there is no shame in being ambushed by such well-dressed young men…


    Page 14:

    Kang:  "Only a fool would fail to put in a walk-in closet between the master bedroom and bath…"

    Rick Jones:  "And only a fool would expose his flank to five fashion-conscious teenagers!"

    Kang:  "Eh?  Who dares interrupt the summer cottage planning of Kang the Conqueror?"

    Rick Jones:  "The Teen Brigade, that’s who!"

    The teens are then simultaneously shredded by gunfire and transported back in time, where their fragments are hungrily devoured by dinosaurs. 

    The End