Great Moments in Comics History: The Avengers #137

Avengers #137

The worst part about becoming an Avenger was their extremely intrusive employment interviews.


  1. So Tony Stark, international playboy, is questioning someone else about their love life? Hello, pot, this is kettle.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Love is blind. 

  3. Hero version of Young and the Restless… "So, how was he in bed?"

  4. "So then your free tonight Natasha? By the way, I’m also Tony Stark billionaire playboy industrialist and the only thing bigger than my pocket book is my ‘Ironman’"

  5. clearly, Daredevil has committment issues.

  6. I’m pretty sure Black Widow could sue the iron pants off Tony for asking things like that. But then again, Tony was drunk all the time….I guess the Avengers are pretty loose with that whole HR thing.

  7. Who is the "we?"  Maybe this was from the time when Iron Man was dating Wasp and they were looking for another couple to play bridge with?

  8. Considering Iron Man and Black Widow had a protracted fling during the Busiek Heroes Return run, this is even weirder…

  9. @Anville: The "we" is the Avengers. This was during a montage of people being interviewed for possible membership.

  10. I have a feeling conversations like this happen a lot……A LOT.

  11. @DeadpoolFan1: I think Jarvis was the head of HR and he was a Skrull.  So that is how the plotting began.

  12. It looks like Iron Man’s talking with her through a computer, but that’s just a fancy window. She’s in the next room.

  13. Wow serious red flag on inappropriate job interview question coming up there. Looks like HR is going to have to have another long talk with Mr. Stark.

  14. tony’s trying to bang a blind man’s girlfriend….

    honestly, i proberly would i as well

  15. Next panel. The Sentry mediates an argument between Black Widow and Daredevil, teaches two how to love each other again.


  16. @Smasher-Not next panel, but rather off panel and then described to us years later as one of the most important moments in the ‘lives’ of each character

  17. @Smasher & MisterJ: Oh you bastards reeeaaally know how to give me a migrane. XD Do you have ANY ideas how long it took to suppress that issue? Shit… now I need to find that issue in my closet so I can abuse it some more.

  18. *idea (typo)

  19. The Avengers had Skype way before the rest of us.

  20. i LOVE the idea of the Avengers sitting around between missions, killing time, gossiping about other people’s love lives.

    Iron Man: I’ll tell yeah, Tigra is a wild one in bed!

    Scarlet With: I had sex with an android. Top that.

    Wasp: Do you know why we call Hank GIANT-MAN???

    Hercules: ZOUNDS! 

  21. "But we’re not ready to break it up y–"