Great Moments in Comics History: Astonishing Tales featuring Ka-Zar and Dr. Doom #2



Just another day in the life of Victor Von Doom.


  1. So he’s not going to imprison her, but if she tries to leave, she will die. Makes sense to me.

  2. "…before he is somehow turned against me! Just like usual. Seriously, if just one of my plans goes right, I’ll be frigging amazed! Damn you Richards!"

  3. The way the panel is constructed, with Ramona looking back at Doom like that, I’m waiting to read "Oh, but Victor, you’ve imprisoned my heat as well!"

  4. I love that, depending on who’s drawing him, Doom either looks absolutely menacing or like a bloated carp. 

  5. And where was Ka-Zar during all this?  Was he also imprisoning women while explaining that he was too good to imprison them. 

    @Prax – I assume you mean "heart", because otherwise….

    @Paul – Perhaps the artist finds bloated carp menacing and really feels he is conveying that with his art. 

  6. Look at the bolding in the lettering:

    W Castle Free Beneath Woman Escape Life Android Against

    Ummm… yeah.

  7. who knew Doom was so passive aggressive

  8. That is an astonishing amount of story conveyed in a very small space.

  9. Did Wally Wood draw that or just ink it?  And yes, there was a LOT of story crammed into every panel back then, not a lot of subtlety but a lot of story.

  10. It’s like Doom is in the Sterling Cooper office.

  11. Doom must be afraid of success if he purposely programs androids that "will" turn on him. otherwise why would it for certain turn on him, i mean Reed cant just be skulking around Castle Doom just to screw with Doom as soon as Doom turns his back.

  12. @Tad: Wally Wood drew it.

  13. See this makes sense, Doom is very civilized when it comes to women. Although he is contradicting himself and I don’t think he knows it.

    I just like the android line; it just feels so out of left field.

  14. @paul: We all have out bloated carp days.

  15. Surprisingly, this is a splash page. Their heads are huge!

  16. Android revolts in Castle Von Doom are more commonly known as Tuesdays.

  17. Dr. Doom: Playa

  18. Wally Wood was always a fave of mine.  His best Pencil work was done in the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents books from Tower comics.  Great stuff if you can ever track them down…

  19. So good. I love Doom.

  20. Love the use of dashes in every Doom sentence; it’s as if everything he says must have a reveal.  

    "Now, I’m going to have a sandwhich–which will have mustard on it!"

    "Don’t use the downstairs toilet–unless you’re willing to jiggle the handle!"

    "Feel free to watch some TV–if you can figure out how to turn it on!  My remote control situation is very complicated–I should buy a universal!"

  21. Rich people have problems, too.

  22. Is it really that easy to misplace an android? These are the kinds of problems that are very common in the Marvel universe. Doom can lose track of a robot, but for some reason, ALWAYS knows where his keys are. 

  23. This must be the exact moment that the silver age of comics became self aware.

  24. Royal Castles.. lousy with ROGUE androids.

  25. God. How good does  old printing look? I love it, it’s pop art

  26. "Those damn androids…ALWAYS being turned against me!"

  27. It would’ve been funny if Dr. Doom just turned around and mumbled:

    ‘I gotta develop newer software for these androids. That’s the 10th one this year that has disobeyed me.’

  28. We all agree that in this panel "android" means "sex-robot" right?  I mean, it’s all right there in the panel.  He’d never imprison a woman, but he is always imprisoning dirty doom sexbots after they ‘turn’.  That’s right, once you’ve tried robot, you can’t go back.   

  29. Now, Ramona, i´m going to turn off the oven before it somehow burns my pot stew.

  30. @bedhead: Yes, yes, and yes.  That’s a comic that needs to happen.