Great Moments in Comics History: Alias #1



Page one, panel one.


  1. Just got my wife to read this series and she loved it.


  2. Just finished reading the series last week! Amazing. I wish there was more. Fuck!

  3. …and then there’s the last panel of issue #1. 

  4. I wonder if my kids would enjoy this book….. Only one way to find out.

  5. One of the first things I read as I re-entered this strange thing of ours. "Oh…! Things have changed while I was away."

  6. Page 1, Panel 0 – Windows 95 crashes on Jessica.

  7. Off to google.. I’ve always avoided this figuring it was related to the TV show.  Apparently, this is something I’d enjoy.  Going to find a copy of the omnibus this weekend. 

  8. Having not read this series, my imagination is running wild with reasons for why someone said that.

  9. @siraim I thought the same thing for about a year after I’d heard anyone mention the series.  Then, I checked it out at my library and found it had nothing to do with that.  Just a great stand-alone series.

  10. Memories….. I miss Alias sooooooooooooooo much!!!

  11. @drakedangerz: Your imagination could very well be right, when it comes to this series. You need to read it like yesterday!!! Its honestly one of the best comics marvel has published in the past two decades(possibly ever) and just one of the best comics, be it indie or mainstream, that has come out in twenty years.    

  12. I was sure you guys were gonna go straight to the anal scene… oh well.

  13. @Win-Hmm, you have given me that extra push I needed.  I’ll check to see if the local libraries have it.  Thanks!

  14. "A please would be nice."

  15. Love the series, but have to admit the talking door set up of the initial issue did not have the pay off I expected.  I guess it’s kind of like that first issue of Y The Last Man where you thought the series would be about why all the men died, and it turned out the whole thing was about Yorick’s growth as a man.  In the end, I’m content that Alias chronicled the epic journey of Jessica and her talking door; why the door talked in first place wasn’t really all that important.  

  16. What’s the opening line of Chinatown?

  17. @Gabe Zambuki?

  18. Fuck, I loved this fucking series. I have all floppies, the Omnibus and even the first hardcover.

    Fucking *Awesome*.

  19. @Gabe.

    "All right, Curly. Enough’s enough. You can’t eat the Venetian blinds. I just had them installed on Wednesday."


  20. I can only imagine someone sitting outside of her office, waiting for Luke Cage to be done.

  21. @TNC that’s pretty funny. I own the omnibus to this one. Need to read it again. It makes me remember the days when i loved Bendis. Has there ever been a creepier story than the one with the Purple Man? 

  22. Consider me hooked.

  23. …FUCK… and stuff.

  24. FUCK!

    Could you hand me those TW forums Luke?

  25. My girlfriend said the same exact thing the first time.