Great Moments in Comics History: Action Comics Weekly #608

Action Comics Weekly #608 (1988)


People forget about Oprah’s interview with Green Lantern because it was the same episode where she gave everyone a car.


  1. …and slowly morphed into a terrifying lion-thing.

  2. “Why you?” “Because I was closer to the crash site than Guy Gardner, who was a billion times better than me a being Green Lantern.”

    You know who else was a better Green Lanternthan Hal Jordan? G’Nort. Because G’Nort never committed mass murder.

  3. Why does Oprah have no neck? 0_o

  4. You get a ring! And YOU get a ring! And YOU get a ring! EVERYBODY GETS A RING!

  5. “There was really only supposed to be one for Earth. Me.”

    That’ll change, Hal. But your naïveté is adorable. Soak it up.

  6. Someone other than me remembers Action Comics Weekly? Fantastic!

    While the series was mostly mediocre, the last arc with Green Lantern is pretty great. Lord Malvolio of the Green Flame! (Which really would have been the easiest way to get out of Parallax Hal.)

  7. This has to be from the 80’s, everyone but Hal is wearing padded shoulders.

    Hal is just so overconfident here. The ring made a terrible decision to be lazy that night. Guy would have been a better primary Green Lantern than Hal.

    Think about it, instead of saving the world, Hal is on Oprah. What a great use of your time buddy.

  8. Why are the audience so shocked at this statement?

  9. Without fear, eh? What is in the yellow right hand, Hal?