Great Moments in Comics History: Action Comics #454


This is not a diet that is approved by an accredited health agency.


(Thanks to Mark Waid for posting this to Twitter.)


  1. The Flash calls that a “snack.”

  2. I don’t agree with this premise at all. I mean, sure, running would burn calories. If he were the Flash, then yeah — eat up, dude! But under the yellow sun, his powers are effortless to him. And the only way you can burn calories is by breaking a sweat, right?

    • well back then he wasn’t powered by the sun. you can see why they went for solar power.

    • Touché!

    • Even if he was powered by the yellow sun back then. He’s still putting out effort. The sun powers him up, but it doesn’t do all the hard work for him.

    • @VichusSmith Okay, so in All Star Superman, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, they introduced the concept that because Supes flew too close to the sun he was becoming invincible. Not even kryptonite effected him. He was stronger, faster, and more powerful that ever before — and ultimately dying because of it. So while I do understand what your saying, I disagree. The concept of Superman is that he does what we could only dream to do, absolutely effortlessly.

    • I don’t think you argued against what I’ve said. All I’m saying is that being under our sun makes him better, but it doesn’t mean that the fighting/flying/running/whatever is effortless. It just means that he can do much more than most beings are capable of.

      I mean, dude still eats in current comics, yes?

  3. A whole basket of pumpkins?

  4. If he spends all of his salary on food, how does he afford rent nd stuff?

    Also, referring to it as “Clark Kent’s” salary and not “my salary” adds an entirely creepy undertone to it.

  5. That’s why George Reed got fat

  6. Why does “discreet flights” worry me…

  7. This is the dark truth about that Zoo in the Fortress of Solitude…

  8. You’d think, with a Super-Metabolism, he could just mack down on a dump truck full of wood chips. That way Clark Kent would have enough money for a non-blue suit.

    I do like the fact that he watches the tube while eating, just like the rest of us.

  9. Next is “discreet” X-ray vision usage as he flies around…

  10. I read this and my thought is:

    “Yeah that sounds about right.”

  11. I think by the time he was actually flying and not just leaping over buildings in a single bound, he was solar powered. That being the case he would not need food to sustain himself.