Great Moments in Comics History: Action Comics #436

Action Comics (Vol. 1) #436 (1974)


DC’s 1974 partnership with the International Tobacco Growers’ Association lead to some pretty weird PSAs.


  1. Oh man! What if we got a illustrated work of “The Super-Cigars of Bill Clinton”. Wait, I’m not sure I really want to see that.

  2. Ooohhh somebody smoked some heavy doobies…

  3. Is this considering in continuity for Grant Morrison?

    Oops, wrong character.

  4. Visually, the shield with the air lines on either side of it…. There’s a lot there that kinda reminds me of the cover of Man of Steel #1 with the Shield popping out of Clark’s dress shirt. Obviously this issue was about 12-15 years prior, but it does look to me like the artist was trying to suggest that open shirt given the shape we see behind the Superman logo.

  5. Across the country thousands of children injured themselves by leaping from their roofs while puffing at dad’s finest cigar.

  6. “Vindicated!” – Fredric Wertham