Great Moments in Comics History: Action Comics #242


That alien monkey clearly wants no part of any dancing.


  1. Brainiac’s first appearance?

  2. What is it with DC and monkey’s?  On the forums, we’ve been posting old covers, and like half of the DC ones have some sort of monkey in them.  So weird.

  3. @Neb  If by "weird" you mean "awesome."

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Brainiac by way of Gilbert Gottfried.  

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Also, "Who is secretly Superman," is an odd clause. As asides go, fairly profound.  

  6. Ha, ha.

  7. Does that monkey remind anyone else of Ben Linus from Lost?  And Brainiac looks remarkably like John Locke.  Perhaps Jacob is Superman.

    If I recall correctly, Walt did enjoy reading comics during the first season.  I wonder if he had a Portuguese copy of Action Comics #242?

  8. @Neb-Julius Schwartz felt that Monkeys and gorillas and such would sell books, and he was usually right about it.

  9. So…is that why Marvel did "Marvel Apes?"  Is Julie Schwartz secretly running Marvel??  

  10. I take it Brainiac first came to earth to find a properly fitting sportcoat.

    The next ray he shoots will rid all of earth’s Nordstrom’s of 40 regulars.

  11. Never underestimate the horrible effects that animals dancing madly have!

  12. For one thing, it gets little paw prints everywhere.

  13. Did the artist trace a radio station? What’s with all those 33s?

  14. What can be "far worse" than animals dancing madly? 

  15. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    What was up with DC loving monkey sidekicks?  Brainiac had Koko, the Wonder Twins had Gleep, and Martian Manhunter had Zook.  Maybe this could be a new series idea for Chris Eliopoulos.

  16. Why in the world would a monkey have antennae??

  17. When you go through space, planet to planet it sucks having to stop twisting knobs and laughing madly, and having to adjust the TV.

  18. @drakedangerz It’s a space monkey, duh!

    I think we’re all missing the point here… Brainiac wasn’t some evil alien genius, he was the next hot DJ of the 50s! He’s makin’ the monkeys – us humans – dance with his radio "rays" of music. You have read between the lines! Brainiac – Space Disc Jockey of DEATH!

  19. @PraxJarvin-That’s one crazy theroy man.  Not many people can come up with something so far out there.  Wait a minute…are you secretly Grant Morrison?!?!

  20. He well make them punch old ladys and rob convenience stores!

  21. I want an alien monkey that dances….

  22. I just feel like, if he has a pet monkey that he named Koko, he can’t actually be all that smart.

  23. For the first time in my life, I’m rendered speechless. DAMN YOU, CONOR!

  24. @stuclach: Yes! That is Ben Linus and his pet Rabbit. Now we know where they got the idea of the character 🙂

    Okay so this Brainiac is lame…but dont worry guys; Geoff Johns retcon the villain to big an Arnold Swartzenegger rip off.

  25. Brainac: "My next ray I shoot out will do far worse then make animals dance madly, haha! It will make them crap on the neighbor’s lawn! mwahahahahahah!!!!!!"

  26. @drakedangerz I wish I were secretly Grant Morrison.


  28. wow kinda scary

  29. Wow its funny to see the evolution over time. Im not talking about what Geoff Johns has done with Brainiac, Im talking about what he did with Koko. Johns turned him into a huge monster in the same arc