GREAT EMAIL THREADS: The JLA Pick a Holiday Film

Hey iFanbase, Timmy Wood here. The following is from a series of emails that were sent around the Justice League of America. I pulled a Julian Assange and got a hold of them. Read them quickly before Batman takes them down. 

Black Canary to JLA  3:18 PM (12 hours ago)

Alright Guys, it’s time to pick the film we want to watch after the holiday party. Let’s try to keep this quick. I don’t want what happened last year. And Please hit “Reply All”. I am talking to you Jonn Jonzz.

I suggest Miracle on 34th Street. It’s classic and charming.

Black Canary

Superman to JLA  3:20 PM (12 hours ago)

Ooh ooh ooh Can we watch Elf? Love that movie!


Cyborg to JLA  3:23 PM (12 hours ago)

Die Hard

Green Lantern to JLA  3:24 PM (12 hours ago)

Die Hard

Wonder Woman to JLA  3:34 PM (12 hours ago)

Die Hard

Black Lightning to JLA  3:45 PM (12 hours ago)

We have watched Die Hard two years in a row! I suggest The Bishop’s Wife. It’s good. It’s classic. Let’s give it a shot.

The Atom to JLA  3:53 PM (12 hours ago)

I am a Christmas Vacation fan myself.

Aquaman to JLA  3:57 PM (12 hours ago)

I find The Santa Clause to be a pleasurable film. When Tim Allen turns into the great symbol of Christmas it brings me joy.

Captain Marvel to JLA  4:12 (11 hours ago)

Nice. Here are some ideas. Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, The Grinch who Stole Christmas, Frosty the Snowman.

Black Canary to JLA  4:15 PM (11 hours ago)

Aren’t those all really short?

Green Lantern to JLA  4:18 PM (11 hours ago)

Yeah and aren’t they all LITTLE KIDS movies?

Captain Marvel to JLA  4:26 PM (11 hours ago)

Re: Black Canary, Yeah. Let’s watch them all.

Re: Green Lantern, SO WHAT!

Plastic Man to JLA  4:40 PM (11 hours ago)

Scrooged but more importantly have y’all seen this video on youtube yet?

Zatanna to JLA  4:46  PM (11 hours ago)

Nightmare before Christmas. Gremlins is also great.

Martian Manhunter to JLA 5:52 PM (11 hours ago)

Is there fire in Gremlins? Can we have a movie without fire in it please?

Green Arrow to JLA 6:16 PM (10 hours ago)

Die Hard

Black Canary to JLA 6:20 PM (10 hours ago)

Did you not read the the rest of the email thread? We aren’t watching that because we have already watched two years in a row.

Green Arrow to JLA 6:24 PM (10 hours ago)

Die Hard 2

Red Tornado to JLA 6:30 PM (10 hours ago)

The Christmas Carol (Muppets)

Hawkman to JLA 6:32 PM (10 hours ago)

Love Actually. It’s my favorite.

Firestorm to JLA  6:39 PM (10 hours ago)

Wow, thanks for including me. I vote Home Alone! Also, you guys have been having a christmas party every year?

Black Canary to JLA 6:43 PM (10 hours ago)

Sorry guys. For future emails please make sure you don’t include Firestorm. That was an accident on my part. We can only fit so many people on the Watchtower.

Batman to JLA 6:45 PM (10 hours ago)

Instead of watching a holiday film can I suggest a documentary about the crime epidemic that is being ignored in South America. It’s something that we could all educate ourselves a little more on.

Another reminder please turn off the light when you leave a room in The Watchtower. I have noticed that the lights in the meeting room are always on.

The Batman

Aquaman to JLA 8:36 PM (7 hours ago)

No one else enjoys Tim Allen here? Really?

Martian Manhunter to JLA 8:43 PM (7 hours ago)

I don’t care what is picked. I will probably be eating Oreos anyways.

Firestorm to JLA 8:50 (7 hours ago)

Wait, am I not invited to this?

Black Canary to JLA 9:01 PM (6 hours ago)

JONN! I told you to leave Firestorm’s email out of this.

Martian Manhunter to JLA 9:12 PM (6 hours ago)

You said hit the button reply all! Email is stupid. I shall telepathically send my choice of film.

The Flash to JLA 9:20 PM (6 hours ago)

It’s A Wonderful Life is a perfect film to watch.

Black Canary to JLA 9:30 PM (6 hours ago)

I think that’s a good choice as well. That’s what we are watching. Now, please respond with what you are bringing. And don’t say paper plates. We have PLENTY of paper plates leftover from last year!

Green Lantern to JLA 9:31 PM (6 hours ago)

Paper plates

Every time a bell rings, Zauriel gets his wings!

Timmy Wood is a comedian who lives in New York. You can find him on twitter here. Although, I doubt he will be tweeting, emailing or doing anything near a computer when I am through with him. Merry Christmas. – The Batman




  1. I’m so glad that so many of the Justice League agree with me that Die Hard IS the greatest Christmas movie of all time.

  2. Though I know he’s also a fan, Timmy wagered wisely that had the JLA not settled on the movie they did, he’d be getting his walking papers.

  3. Oh man, that was great!
    Aquaman likes Tim Allen in The Santa Claus, somehow it seems a perfect fit.

  4. This is great. The Green Arrow is killing me.

  5. First of all, the Flash saved the day, which is the correct answer. Also, Green Lantern’s final line made me laugh. Nice work, Timmy!

  6. HA! That Batman entry reminds me of that episode of BRave and the Bold when Martian Manhunter is seeking the true meaning of Christmas, and he makes the mistake of asking Batman, who has no idea.

  7. Excellent, this’ll keep a smile on my face for a while.

  8. “Die Hard 2” very funny – well done, Timmy Wood!

  9. Damn, The Batman works fast. I’m very much hoping that you’re not in a full body cast the next time I run across you, Timmy Wood!

  10. Its A Wonderful Life is the greatest Christmas movie ever.
    Die Hard is the greatest movie ever.

  11. This was incredibly clever and had me laughing. The choices for each character were well though out and were so appropriate. The timing/order of the responses was natural and also hilarious. “Die Hard 2” and “Paper plates” were priceless, as was the Firestorm bit.

    I remember one Christmas with a bunch of relatives, we watched “Die Hard.” Some people were kinda like “Wow, this sure is violent,” and all us young guys kept saying “It’s a Christmas movie, though!” Good times.

    I love “It’s a Wonderful Life” too though. It’s pretty much a perfect movie. No love for “A Christmas Story” though? You’ll shoot your eye out!

  12. I love that Love Actually is Hawkman’s favorite movie.

  13. Gotta give props to Plas for choosing Scrooged. But yea, Its a Wonderful Life is pretty much the best.

  14. Awesome. GreenBigSexArrow is fantastic. “For future emails please make sure you don’t include Firestorm.” is even more fantastic.

    Plastic Man is right. Scrooged is ALWAYS the right movie to watch after a Christmas party.