Graphicly Launches

On the heels of the private beta program, in which many iFanbase members took part,, iFanboy's parent company, launches today.  With it's own unique community and digital content delivery platform, is available for digital comic reading pleasure on your desktop computer today, supported by content from Top Cow, BOOM!, IDW, and Arcana.

Beta users will find that's reader features several upgrades from the beta, including streamlined interaction and connection with friends and fans, a cleaner reader with stronger image enhancements, as well as full content library. is not just about reading comics, but with connecting readers to one another, and forming community.  Micah Baldwin, CEO and co-founder of says, "The goal of has always been to be a companion for the comic book store. People are moving to digital forms of communications, but the comic book industry is a community of readers, fans and writers and artists,” added Baldwin. “ is the online version of hanging out at the comic book store, finding new friends, new comics to read, and new interests and genres – all in an online community and reader that will extend to all platforms, such as the web, iPhone, iPad and Microsoft Windows Series 7 and Android.”

If you're in Chicago for C2E2, be sure to stop by & iFanboy's booth (booth #1464), and say hi.  If you see Conor and Ron just hanging around there, feel free to tell them to get to work!

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Oh yeah, use the code ifbc2e2 to get a free comic on The code is only good for a limited number, so get there fast!


  1. I have used the beta (and alpha [If my development lingo is correct]) pretty extensively and I enjoy it a great deal.  It is a very solid, smooth product.

  2. Wow, it works really well.  I chose a comic and it downloaded in less than 30 seconds.

  3. An absolutely beautiful interface – the best designed product the comic industry has seen in years, honestly (though I don’t own an iPad or iPhone, so my picture is incomplete).

  4. I can wait to download the finished product and test it when I get home.

  5. I love digital comics but I am not going to spend any significant amount of money until new comics are available.  So while Graphicly is the coolest and best executed digital comics platform I’ve seen, (the interface is really sleek and I like the idea of a consistent library across platforms and the web) I don’t really see anything I want to buy in the marketplace.  Give me new issues of Irredeemable, get DC and Marvel on board, and get some more current comics.  Digital comics will only make sense when they can match whats available at the comic book store.  Then I can happily give Graphicly my money.

  6. I know you guys are part of the family so I’ll keep this nice. The beta never worked for me. It took about a half-dozen attempts just to download and then it crashed during install. Full on blue screen.

    Yes, it may be due to my old-ish hardware and shaky Windows install and yes, the app may not be at fault at all and is merely an innocent victim of my post hoc ergo proctor hoc analysis. Still, it’s been a painful enough experience for me to date that I’m giving it a pass for now. Perhaps later.


  7. I installed the new app and downloaded a new comic in minutes (Tracker #1, which was really cool).  I’m really excited about this.  I can’t wait for more content to be added to the library.   

  8. This could be REALLY cool. The mix of social network and "iStore for Comics" is promissing and I like it so far. Now, ther got to be content and a good pricing, and I will try it for a long run.

  9. I’ve liked the experience in testing. Great interface.

  10. looks good but not much selection

  11. Looking forward to checking out the finished product.

  12. Get the file size around 20 to 40 MB an issue and I’m all in.

    This 150 MB an issue isn’t gonna fly. I’ll have to buy a new hard drive every few weeks. 

  13. I think the code has run out.

  14. Congrats to the crew.  I was a beta tester, and those guys and gals worked their tails off making the product great.

  15. Thanks for the free comic code! I got Jericho Season 3 #1 with it! I haven’t seen Jericho in the stores at all either, is it online only?

  16. I really like to layout so much better then Longbox.   Now once they start adding more content, it should be a good alternative to torrents (legal too!),

  17. Wow, are they really 150 MB?  That really is pretty big…

  18. Yeah, 150mb is pretty steep. I wish there could be a way to include a panel-by-panel version and a single-page file to cut down on the size. There’s no pleasing everyone of course, but it’d still be nice. Major kudos to the launch, either way.