Gordon the Intern Does “The Work” at Comic-Con 2007

Well, it was a long and eventful week in San Diego. Many comics were bought and read, many figurines were gawked at and purchased, many costumes were seen… and most importantly, many Booth Babes were located.

Check out all the pictures here!

As I walked through the crowded aisles of Comic-Con it seemed to me that there were not as many Booth Babes this year as there were last year. But that is the way the cookie crumbles.

However, the lovely ladies that we met this year were very nice — especially the “Hot Fuzz” girls, Sara and Alona. They were nice enough to let me crash their lunch while everybody else worked on the live Pick of the Week show. Believe me, nothing can ruin a lunch like Josh, Ron, and Conor bickering about comics. Well… I guess the other thing that can ruin a lunch is men in suits of armor fighting with swords… which — oddly — was happening in the same general area as lunch.

Despite there being fewer Booth Babes, it’s not the quantity that counts, it is the quality. I will carry all of you ladies within my heart. At least until next year.

Enjoy the pictures. I am already looking forward to next year!



  1. Was that Paris Hilton in the Top Cow bikini top?

  2. Great stuff Gordon

  3. You guys need another intern?


  4. I think she was too short to be Paris Hilton…

  5. I think I’ve found a new idol.