Geoff Johns talks THE FLASH (and the first colored Manapul art)

It's been a big week for stories coming out of DC Comics about their plans for comics in 2010 and it rolls on into Thursday as Geoff Johns sits down with the Los Angeles Times to talk about his plans for The Flash!

The Flash Secret Files and Origins is a one shot that hits March 2010 which leads into the The Flash series, which according to Johns also hits in April. Here's the Flash Secret Files and Origins cover:

Flash Secret Files and Origins

A quote from Geoff Johns in the above linked interview: The Flash has always been a book at the forefront of where the rest of the super-hero universe is going and Francis Manapul and I intend to do our best to continue that tradition yet we're starting with a very basic concept — it's super-hero "CSI."  The first arc is entitled "The Dasterdly Death of the Rogues" and it's a murder mystery, Flash-style. Which means it's anything but what it first looks like. He's my favorite character and it's great to be back with him.

And if you like that Francis Manapul cover, check out the DC Blog to see the creative process as Manapul goes from sketch to finished cover.


  1. Okay now I can be fully down with Manapal on this.

    Absolutely stunning.

  2. Heavens to Murgatroid. Can’t wait!


    there I said it

    I can’t can’t can’t wait

  4. The Dasterdly Death of the Rogues – I like the name.

  5. Hot damn that’s pretty. Bring it already!

  6. Still slightly bummed they’re leaving Action, but at the same time how can I be mad at them for this?

  7. It’s great to see the word "dasterdly" used again. It needs to be brought back.

  8. I… damn. Speechless. That thing is beautiful.

  9. More like “heavens to Manapul” am I right, who’s with me? Seriously, that art is great.

  10. I’m buying two copies. One to read and store as normal and the other to somehow find a way to bath in. Full immersion!

  11. YAY! That picture puts a big smile on my face. Manapul’s art is so amazing. So excited for Flash #1 and the Secret Files.

  12. Purty! If I could buy this thing a ring and take it to the alter and spend the rest of my life with it, no matter how fat or bitchy or frigid it ended up becoming years from now, I would.

  13. The LA friggin’ Times?

  14. I want Berry to wear the fucking bowtie!!! Otherwise the art looks ace.

  15. Call me crazy, but i’m getting a "Darwin Cooke only more angular" vibe from that picture.  This is not a bad thing.  I guess what i mean is it has a bit of a New Frontier look to it.

  16. Plus we get scott kollins art on wally second features

  17. I’ve always enjoyed The Flash when Wally West was wearing The scarlet Uniform! I didn’t grow up on Barry Allen so I have no emotional investment in him as I do Wally but I will try to get to like him as a character and I love the art for the cover. I can’t wait for the regular series sign me up Wally West is my flash and I hope Geoff continues to write him well along with Barry as the lead story.

  18. God, I hope Flash can get back on track. It’s been a rough few years.

  19. I’m really excited for Johns on The Flash, i think it sounds fantastic

    however i don’t know what the big deal about  Manapal is. He is totally average in almost every regard.

    there i said it

    (but if you like it thats ok too)

  20. Manapul is great. I’ve been disappointede ever since he finished up his three issues on Adventure comics. I can’t wait to see more of him on this.

  21. By the way, The links under the LA Times story are great.

  22. Manapul is Ron’s new Jim Cheung haha

  23. I believe the blog says this is coming out in March, no? I think the new ongoing starts in April.

    I love Manapul so much. I knew I wanted to see him on the Flash when I asked for a Kid Flash sketch over the summer. See, kids, dreams do come true.

  24. Ang Galing!

  25. I’m really looking forward to this new run on Flash.

  26. @Rustyautoparts: Looks like they changed the date. Earlier it said April.

  27. I’m drooling.  This is going to be good stuff.

  28. After reading Fear Agent I felt I had finally find my favorite writer in Remender.  Manapul is the very first artist to make me want to buy a book based solely on the art alone (Superman/Batman 60).  He just keeps blowing me away, and I can now say I have a favorite artist.  Love ‘im!

  29. that manapaul work is hot

  30. that’s breath taking!

  31. I’m more then on board with this. Johns first run with Wally was amazing and now he has Barry & The Flash Family to have fun with. There is zero down side here.

  32. I thought April was the month of Bruce Wayne?  I guess I can fucks with some Flash after I get caught up on the Rebirth hardcover that is supposed to come out that very same month…?

  33. Wow. This is going to be great!


  35. Is it too late to stop the presses? Dastardly is spelled wrong!

  36. hopefully this will be a good jumping on point for the Flash character! I’ll also read Rebirth before this comes out.