Geoff Johns Brings Justice to Smallville

Last season, Smallville saw it’s strongest episode to date with the Geoff Johns scripted “Legion.” Johns returns to the series in January, with an episode called “Society.” We knew it would involve three members of the Justice Society of America, but that narrows it down to several hundred characters huddled around a very big poker table. But earlier this month we started getting clues as to just who those three characters would be.

My mind immediately turned to Thom Kallor in a sloppy-joe stained Marilyn Monroe dress. But obviously he means Stargirl. Perfect!

Today we got confirmation via IGN on all three, with casting. It goes like this:

Brittney Irvin (Aliens in America, V) as Stargirl

Michael Shanks (Burn Notice, Stargate Universe) as Hawkman

Brent Stait (Andromeda, Blade: The Series) as Doctor Fate

Somehow, I think hieroglyphics will be involved. 


  1. SHANKS! Oh man. I have to say, I can’t quite see it, but Shanks is fantastic. The girl playing Satrgirl is pretty spot on. I’ll have to make sure to tune in.

  2. Awesome, I bet it will be better than "Legion".

  3. Wow, Hawkman!  I’m curious what the look will be with this one. Bare chested with strapped on wings? I’m going to guess this look will be updated the most.

    But cool line up!

  4. this looks great! Can’t wait tell the big ep.

  5. Hawkman!!! 

  6. I don’t watch Smallville, but this is pretty awesome and I’m happy Shanks is getting work.  (That wasn’t sarcasm.)

  7. man i was hoping for hour-man

  8. Gonna be interesting to see how he brings these three to Smallville.

  9. I am most intrigued by how they will portray Dr. Fate.

  10. Also, Johns is listed on IMDB as writing November’s "Disciple", but on Twitter he said he’s only writing "Society."

  11. what!!! micheal shanks was on one stargate universe episode…he was on stargate sg1 for like 10 years!

    get your facts straight ifanboy!!!


  12. Who or what is a "star gate?"

  13. @paulmontgomery Someone hasn’t been reading my Murmur reviews… 😉

  14. Now I want to see a Supergirl, Stargirl episode of Smallville. I was hoping for Power Girl, Mister Terrific, and Wildcat.

  15. I’d love to see Wildcat turn up at some point. Tony Danza would be perfect. 

    I’m not kidding.  

  16. WOW. Dr. Fate and Hawkman? Too awesome. I know little-to-nothing of Stargirl, but she looks rad too.

  17. I was expecting The Flash, Wildcat and Green Lantern. But hey, its ok with me!

  18. If they can’t afford to make him fly, i wouldn’t get your hopes up about seeing walls of green flame.

  19. Excited but I know that Hawkman is gonna have a trench coat.

  20.  @PaulMontgomery – A Tony Danza Wildat would make we weep…with joy…twice…(once for Danza and once for Wildcat)

  21. I love shanks and it’ll be interesting how they approach hawkman, i reckon, what with how he’s been different over the years, katar hol, carter hall, hawkgod and i guess the current hawkman is a combination of all that, or something right? but dr fate could be really quite mysterious to and i don’t think they’ve done a lot with the magic/mystical side of dc in smallville yet. i’m really, really excited now!

  22. @InfectiousFunk: They can afford it, they just chose not to.

  23. geoff jones just confirmed hawk man will have wings and a big mace

  24. OMG that is some good shit. can’t wait!!

  25. I guess i should start watch smallville huh?  Netflix here i come.

  26. So excited for Michael Shanks to be part of Smallville!

  27. Johns also stated on twitter that Hawkman will not be getting along with Green Arrow. This fills me with glee.

  28. Dr. Fate and Hawkman are two of my favorite DC characters, so I have to admit I’m damn curious about this. I don’t watch Smallville anymore (havent’ for 3-4 seasons now), but I may have to tune in for this.

    It’s funny, though, when I first heard about the JSA appearing on Smallville, I assumed it would be a story revealing the history of an OLD group of heroes… I was hoping for some grizzled heroes coming out of retirement, strapping on the wings again… that kinda thing. 😀 

    Well, we’ll see how this goes. Is there an airdate for this episode, so I can set a reminder?


  29. @daccampo: That sounds much better then a sexy version of Hawkman and Dr. Fate.

  30. Dr.Fate and Hawkman and most important Stargirl!!! Well I’m very very very excited for this!

  31. I really like who they have chosen, I expected Green Lantern, Flash and Wildcat too, I figured they’d pull from the original line up. I’m glad they’re getting Stargirl, she’s one of my favorite.

    My predictions will be wrong, but I expect Hawkman to have the Helmet, Mace and Wings, but have a jacket like the Rocketeer, tan pants and stylized dark red leather boots. 

    Dr. Fate, will be the same Helmet, Amulet and Cloak with a business suit,

    Stargirl will keep the staff, gloves  and the mask and the legs will be similar with longer pants and a leather jacket. 

  32. I was shocked when we started getting Green Arrow stories.  I’m completely flabbergasted at the idea of getting a live-action Hawkman.

  33. i was hoping for Mr Terrific, Wildcat and either Citizen Steel or Green Lantern.. but this, this pleases me. Not what I was expecting at all.


  34. I was hoping for Jay Garrick and Alan Scott too, but I suspect — and this is total unfound speculation based on nothing but intuition — that the Warner Bros. film division has a hold on Green Lantern and The Flash like they have on Batman and Wonder Woman.

  35. I would totally love it if one of them made a reference to their group secretary Diana – just a throw away line. it would be awesome.

  36. I jumped off Smallville after season 2, I really need to start watching this again.

  37. CAN’T WAIT!!

    I think I remember Johns saying it would be JLA vs JSA… if thats true, i hope we get to see Black Canary, Aquaman, Impulse, etc… in the episode as well…

  38. anybody else seeing hawkman looking like the angels from dogma

  39. According to Johns on twitter, it’ll be 2 parter.

  40. Man. I’ve been watching smallvile for maybe a season and a half when clark stopped slumming in the teenage angst crap and started doing notable hero work. Looks like i’m being rewarded for joining the bandwagon with Dr. Fate. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!