Gabriel Hardman Goes to the Zoo!

You don't have to be Betty Breitweiser to color in some Gabriel Hardman art (though it certainly helps). One of our favorite artists has illustrated a coloring book for the LA Zoo, and if you're a kid, you can get a copy for free! It's probably too warm in LA for crayons to maintain their structural integrity, but I'm sure you can take some color pencils to this finely rendered gallery of elephants, tigers, and mellow orangutans.

I just like the idea of Hardman working out the logistics of the hallway chase sequence from Inception (he provided storyboards for Nolan's blockbuster, starting with that amazing sequence) then sharpening his pencil to start work on a hippopotamus splashing in the shallows. 

If anyone in the LA area happens to snag a copy, let us know! 


  1. I actually told Hardman (via Twitter) a week ago to have Betty Breitweiser color a copy of the book and auction it off.  He said it wasn’t a bad idea, so we’ll see if it happens.

  2. That IS a cool idea! 

  3. That’s really cool.

    Although if I was Hardman, and also a jerk, I would complain how bad the coloring would turn out to be.

    “No, no no! Elephants aren’t green? What were you thinking!?” 

  4. It’s actually a colouring book within a colouring book within a colouring book.

  5. It’s not hot in LA. It’s actually raining.

  6. At the zoo! Looking for the book now!