G.I. Joe Hearts and Minds: Written by Max Brooks

I haven't read this World War Z, but I do know that it's a book that has a lot of people excited.  I also know that IDW's new series, G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds has the same art and editorial team attached as they beloved G.I. Joe: Cobra, with Howard Chaykin and Antonio Fuso on visuals, and Andy Schmidt editing.  So this announcement has me excited for more excellent Joe comics, which, according to the below press release, will follow much of the same ethos as that prior series.  Look for it in May.

San Diego, CA (March 4, 2010) – The critically-acclaimed and bestselling author of World War Z, the Zombie Survival Guide and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks brings his unique and acclaimed style to G. I. JOE comics with a five-issue miniseries: G.I. JOE: Hearts & Minds, coming in May under license from Hasbro. The award-winning Max Brooks crafts a G. I. JOE series for an America at war, starkly contrasting intensely brutal portrayals of the dark side of the human condition with the light of hope in the most unlikely places.

“I tried to write a series as harsh and complicated as the times we’re living in, ” said Brooks.

Exploring the effects of real-world war on the individual, every issue of G. I. JOE: Hearts & Minds features two chapters, each spotlighting a different G. I. JOE or COBRA character. Brooks pulls no punches from the very beginning, starting the series with chapters on MAJOR BLUDD and SPIRIT.

“This is the G. I. JOE book that isn't about action figures. It's about people like you and me, ” said IDW G. I. JOE editor Andy Schmidt. “And that makes it even more chilling than any zombie novel could be, because this one isn't about a plague–this one is about us. ”

Brooks’s dark stories are masterfully brought to life by artists Howard Chaykin and Antonio Fuso, who will each also provide covers. In addition to the regular edition, IDW will be offering a limited number of signed editions.

An award-winning writer, Brooks has brought his own unique style to both TV and print, including as part of the writing team for “Saturday Night Live” for forty episodes from 2001 to 2003, which won an Emmy in 2002. Brooks’s The Zombie Survival Guide was released in 2003 and has sold well over one million copies worldwide. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War followed in 2006, became an instant bestseller and is currently in development to be a major motion picture. Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, Brooks’s most recent book, debuted at number one on the New York Times graphic novel bestseller list.

G. I. JOE: Hearts & Minds #1 (of 5, $3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in May. Diamond order code: MAR10 0998. 

G. I. JOE: Hearts & Minds #1 Signed Edition ($9.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in May. Diamond order code: MAR10 0999.


  1. Yes aaaaaaand Yes.

  2. Ooooh!

  3. Count me in. The two main books have let me down but I love Cobra, I’ll give this a shot.

  4. Nick Fury, what are you doing here!?

    This sounds like it could be fucking awesome.

  5. Very excited for this. And Max Brooks will be at WonderCon next month. Woo!!

  6. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Hopefully this is "good Chaykin." I’m a fan of all three creators, so this should be a good time.

  7. I am extremely excited about this one.  If this book is treated with the same care and respect as G.I. Joe Cobra, then I will be one happy camper. 

    I heartily recommend World War Z to anyone who is either a history buff or a zombie fan.  My younger brother is a Ph.D. student in the history department of the University of Alabama (I’m very proud of him) and he was skeptical when I suggest WWZ.  He loved it.  It is a well written and enjoyable book (in my humble opinion).

  8. Andy Schmidt is my hero.

  9. oooohhh thats awesome. I can’t wait. Josh, you should give World War Z a try, its like a Stephen Ambrose book with zombies

  10. I’m with @stulach if Andy Schmidt is editing I’m in.  Can’t Wait!

  11. Love Brooks and have been hearing good things here and elsewhere about IDW’s G.I.Joe books.  Look like this is where I’ll be getting on board!

  12. Cool. The price point on the Joe books generally puts me off, though, so it’ll depend on whether I remember to pre-order it discounted.

  13. Wait, Howard Chaykin will illustrate?

  14. Sweet!

  15. the cover has a nice moebius vibe to it.

  16. I’m really excited about this but this sounds like another GIJoe Origins with a different writiner/artists team

  17. I like this. That is all.

  18. Saw this in previews and was sorely tempted.  It’s the art that almost sold me as I looove me some Chaykin.  But I’m not a big enough Joe fan to take the leap.  I bought the Cobra TPB on the strength of all the buzz and wasn’t disappointed, but I’d rather wait for the reaction and wait for the collection again.  Definitely looks promising tho’.

  19. Man this sounds mean! Amazing how the son of someone so humorous is able to go to such dark places,go figure.

  20. Btw WWZ was awesome and it has been optioned by Brad Pitts production company!

  21. @IRONMAN63 – That move has the potential to be awesome, but it is going to require someone who is willing to take zombies seriously.  Like Walking Dead seriously.

  22. I have some pretty serious opinions about both of these topics. HATED G.I. Joe – my little brother’s generation, and generally the dumbest cartoon in existence, and a worse movie. That said, I just bought my first GIJ trade, GI JOE: COBRA on the recommendation of the IFanboys and agree, it’s definitely worth reading – better if it were MA-rated, but very worthy, content-wise. I also interviewed Max (http://claywriting.blogspot.com/2009/10/max-brooks-talks-zombies.html) and can tell you – for a guy who’s dyslexic (" I  am very, very dyslexic, and as a kid, sometimes comics were the only way I could process information.") he tells a hell of a story. I’d give the guy a shot.

  23. This looks like Nick Fury, GW Bridge, Tony Stark and Scar from The Lion King had a love-child.

    Seriously looking forward to this one. Lots of potential for awesome.

  24. HA Scar from The Lion King that is great.  They should just rename the line "Cobra"  cuz i cannot get explores  Cobra.  The mainline G.I. Joe stuff not so much.  This sounds fun.

  25. Max Brooks… wrighting comics… It is a very happy day indeed.  Hope for more zombie fiction from him but its really cool that hes wrighting comics.  I’ll read it.  Hope it works out.