Fresh Ink Has The Scoop On Marvel’s HERALDS

Last night on G4's Fresh Ink, our buddy Blair Butler revealed some details about Heralds, Marvel's summertime five issue weekly mini-series. Check it out:



This sounds like a lot of fun. I really enjoyed Marvel Divas and if Heralds is anything like that 2009 mini-series then I'll be pretty happy. I really like the look of that art a whole lot. I haven't read a ton of stuff by Kathryn Immonen, but hers is not a name that puts me off a book. I'm looking forward to this one. Heralds hits in June.


  1. I just picked up the Kick Ass hardcover and I’m really looking forward to readingit. This was an instance where the movie trailer piqued my interest for the book.

  2. That looks awesome!!!

  3. I haven’t read anything of Immonem’s save bits of the Moving Pictures webstrip (which was good). Geez, Tonci Zonjic is good though.

  4. Heralds sounds like it might be good. I do wanna go get that nextwave trade now.

  5. Nextwave is awesome!!!!

  6. Like most miniseries I’ll probabbly wait untill Heralds is out in trade. In other news I am so buying that Nextwave Ultimate paperback.

  7. I like that she talks about all the "heavy hitters" on Marvel Heralds and then all the "lame" heroes on Nextwave, with Monica Rambeau being on both teams. Also, Human Target sounds pretty awesome, might buy that.

  8. Oh nice! I loved Kathryn Immonen’s Hellcat miniseries and Tonci Zonjic’s artwork on Marvel Divas so I will definitely be down for some of this!

    @OttoBott: I would recommend Kathryn Immonen’s Hellcat miniseries if you’re unfamiliar with her work.

  9. If my shop has next wave I will probably pick that up since this is such a light week for me.

  10. Now i wanna buy Next Wave

    ….because of the naked ninja.

  11. G4 meh…

    If it was really such a big deal Marvel would have announced it themselves at a con. But still, slightly interesting. "Might" give it a look.

  12. Another article about ME, sweet!!

  13. @ken – I was considering looking into Hellcat because of her and also LaFuente is on it, right? That guy is amaz-za-zing.

  14. Gotta admit, not a fan of G4 or Blair Butler. Their show is over-produced with too much attention on flash and not substance.

  15. I have to agree with @k5blazer. I used to watch Attack of the Show regularly but over time I got the feeling that everyone associated with that show, and that network, were just a bunch of posers. It was like, "hey, look at us. We’re geeks. We know about comics and all that." but really they don’t know crap and are just pandering to the audience they want.

  16. I like Blair Butler and she gives good comic reviews. Unfortunately they discontinued her weekly video podcast on Itunes. 

  17. "The Cpatain! He’s the captain!"

  18. @ScottB Her weekly podcast wasn’t cancelled, but instead of having an individual entry for each of their shows, G4 merged them into one G4 Podcast which contains all the weekly podcasts for Fresh Ink, Attack of the Show, X-Play, etc. I forget what it’s called but you can find it on iTunes.

  19. Nextwave was sooo good. Sooo good. Might do a murmur article on it later. But this new mini by Marvel sounds interesting. I like it that these stories about the female superheroes are actually serious and not done for cheesecake. I am interesting in the two earlier mini’s that came out.

    "I’m The ****ing Captain! I’m from ****ing Brooklyn!!"

  20. Others on g4 are posers, but not Blair

  21. @OttoBott Yeah, Hellcat was drawn by David Lafuente. Lovely stuff, very charming artwork. The TPB also collects an earlier Hellcat story (originally serialized in the latest iteration of Marvel Comics Presents) written by Kathryn Immonen and drawn by Stuart Immonen too!

  22. @k5blazer: YES! spoken like a true comic fan. Welcome to the fold.

  23. @ken – Well those are two of my favorite artists working today, so I’ll need to pick this up. Err…except, Amazon isn’t listed a TPB, just a bunch of single issues. Maybe Instock has something…

  24. So who else here has a nerd crush on Blair Butler? Raise your hand.

  25. @JJ: Me.

    too bad fresh ink isn’t featured on AOTS as much.