Free Web Comics: 2 Ways

You’re sitting in your office thinking, “Man! I just don’t want to work today, and I just wish I had some way to waste a few hours, and I don’t have any of my precious comic books with me.  Good news friend!  The internet is there for YOU!

Check out these 2 series for free, on the web!

The Compleat Gabagool

This indie humor comic by Mike Dawson and Chris Radtke is about an ultra-geeky guy named Chris who loves all things geeky and his roommates as they do what they do.  It’s crass and it’s funny, and all 6 issues are for free right here.  You may remember Mike Dawson from our previous Book of the Month, Freddie & Me, which you really should have read by now.

Nothing Better

Tyler Page’s online graphic novel is about the days of college, when things were fresh and new, and as we often forget, incredibly scary and confusing.  Focusing on a freshman named Jane, who’s world is getting a lot different and bigger as she experiences campus life, it’s a pretty realistic look at the stuff that can happen when you first leave the nest.  Check out 14 issues worth right here.

Don’t blame me when you get in trouble for not working.  It’s people like you who get internet sites blocked at work!


  1. Thanks for posting these, I won’t read them here at work, but I’ll definitely be checking them out when I get home.

     And if people want more free comics online after they finish these there are a couple issues completed of a fantasy comic my brother and I have been working on called 3rd World on our site

     It’s not as professional obviously, but fans of Bone and Digger, may enjoy how we’ve started out.

  2. I couldn’t pull up the first one, but the second one had a lot of familiar and insipid themes.

  3. Work is a great time to read web comics and at $7.50 and hour I don’t feel bad about it in the slightest.  Thanks for the heads up on these two!

  4. Just read the first issue of Nothing Better. I’m only a month into college and I gotta say, that wasn’t too far off. A little eerie at times.

  5. Correction to above: replace insipid with mundane.  I was in a real shitty mood at the time that I posted.  ‘Nothing Better’ isn’t bad, just nothing that interests me.

  6. It’s awesome that you brought attention to these. I have been reading Nothing Better since you guys mentioned it on a video show. It brightens my Wednesday.

  7. I just finished Gabagool, that was a fun little romp.  I’ll check out the other one soon, thanks for sharing these Josh.

  8. And another fantastic free web comic is BodyWorld on

    I thought Bottomless Belly Button was good, this is like that with a more reprehensible protagonist.  I especially like how its formatted in a long vertical page.  It makes reading the comic far more enjoyable on the internet than having to load each page.


    FreakAngels by Warren Ellis