Frank Quitely’s Alan Moore Portrait

The dark wizard glares into my very soul. Look closely at the beard.

Thanks to CB Cebulski for tweeting it. The image was shown at the gallery opening at Crack Bang Boom, a convention which I believe to be in Argentina.


  1. wow

  2. flattering 

  3. Wow!

  4. Somewhere in that beard is missing scenes from Neonomicon #2.

  5. I look forward to Alan’s screed about how today’s artists can’t come up with their own original portraits.

  6. Dude.

  7. That looks like the best picture for my guest room.

  8. It’s the eyes.

  9. take a closer look…his beard is made up of words…

  10. Yes, my Master, what is your will?

  11. Very cool, but hang that in your house and there’s no sleeping.

  12. I believe that is intentionally re-interpreting (from a different angle) the Leonardo Da Vinci self portrait.

  13. put that in your conference room and you win every meeting through intimidation. 

  14. Amazing. 

  15. Two masters jamming on the cosmos.

  16. That is an amazing beard.

  17. New iPhone wallpaper get!

  18. I want to wear that as a mask for next Halloween.

  19. Is this going to be in the new Thundercats cartoon?

    Seriously though, fucking amazing. 

  20. i think I saw something like this in Ghostbusters 2. 

  21. When you look into the beard, the beard looks also into you.


  23. That’s what Rasputin would look like with a ponytail. Poison him, shoot him, burn him…he will not die.

  24. “They… sent a poet.”

  25. Th-the beard. It’s talking to me.

    Kidding aside, that’s pretty amazing. 

  26. pretty good.

  27. Is Frank going to do anymore issues of anything anytime soon?

  28. Those aren’t just words in the beard they are literary masterpieces. Man that’s like Da Vinci Code status. Absolutely incredible.

  29. That is impressive.

    Also is he going to be a villian in the DC universe reboot? Because he sure looks the part.

  30. Cebuski? what is the new talent agent for Marvel doing tweeting stuff from DC’s best artist?

  31. Alan didn’t even have to sit down to do this portrait, he just gave Quitely a single look and the image burned into his brain. 

  32. Wow, that is amazing. The titles of his books in the beard is a fantastic idea. Quitely is a master artist, if only he drew more often. 🙁

  33. Sooo what does it say in the beard? Not sure if it’s just me not being able to read it or my brain trying to avoid having nightmares forever and making me look away.

  34. For this picture, Frank Quitely ripped the eyes out of Alan Moore’s head and pasted them to the page.  He’s very dedicated.

  35. An amazing balance between beautiful and terrifying.

  36. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just staggering. 

  37. Haunting.

  38. I thought about putting it on a wallpaper somewhere, but it is too terrifying.  Incredible!  

  39. That is my favorite beard with a crazy, genius man attached.

  40. What’s it say in the beard? I can’t quite read it…

  41. Still can’t keep away from this page. I also am growing a bread… is this the beard endgame?

  42. That is just frightening

  43. “He is VIGO! you are like zee buzzing of flies to him!”

  44. @EgonSpengler  –he sits in a mountain of skulls in a a castle of pain, on a throne of blood…he commands you!

  45. How many staples of comic history were written under the influence of a little weed?

    Judging by those eyes;

    alot of them.

  46. It must be terribly difficult for Mr. Moore to eat spaghetti marinara.  Possibly a swaddling of stain resistant gauze for the lower part of of his head would work, with appetures left for breathing and pasta intake?  Or maybe what we’re seeing here is the aftermath of many failed attempts.

  47. I imagine his beard is alive and actually helps put the spaghetti in his mouth.  I also imagine he’s secretly Davey Jones.

  48. Wow. Took me a little while, but I just realized its the titles in his beard. I see Lost Girls, Watchmen, Dodgem Logic, From Hell, Swamp Thing… just…wow.

  49. @daccampo: good catch!

  50. @Apotheosize  I think he’s doing interiors on some Morrison book called Pax Americana or maybe I’m getting it confused with something else and there is a soon to be fully announced book he’s doing with Millar

  51. Now I have something to hang over my bed!

    Incredible piece.

  52. this is nice. i saw this months ago at a cbldf thing quietly did