For the Guy Who Wants Everything: The Larfleeze Christmas Special

Rejoice kiddies of all stripes! This holiday, prepare yourself for the Larfleeze Christmas Special!  Announced this morning over on the DC Blog, the Larfleeze Christmas Special is written by Geoff Johns, with art by Brett Booth, and a cover by Gene Ha.

Word is, they'll have a sleigh. I'm guessing you don't need to know any more to be convinced.

Get everything you want this holiday season.


  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to see what is on Larfleeze’s wish list.I wonder if Hal can convince Larfleeze that oly good boys and girls get presents?

    "Where is the one you call Santa?"

  2. Haven’t you guys already posted this? Oh wait, I’m thinking of Christmas Conor…

  3. Okay, so Larfleeze has become a rapper on his brief stint on Earth. Check out his bling, his weapon and his champagne, y’all… Or am I seeing too much into it?

  4. This is going to be awesome. MINE!

  5. The best bit of news is that Brett Booth is doing the art. Love his art and glad to see him doing a book that i actually want to buy. Stoked! Mayhem!

  6. This just made my day.

  7. @msarsur I thought the same thing, but i keep thinking of the line from Step-brothers, "boats and Ho’s" but i guess in this case it’s "Presents and Ho-Ho-Hos" (because they are three hos of course).

  8. At least it’s not hard to shop for him.

  9. Larfleeze in Vegas last week was awesome.  This is awesomer.  Totally excited.

  10. Slight costume tweak here. I like it. The top is more like a leather jacket. I like that! This character is really taking off!

    For all you collectors out there: First appearance of Larfleeze is in DC Universe 0. First full appearance of Larfleeze is Green Lantern 39.

  11. The automatic just seems like overkill for a man capable of summoning constructs.

    I love the entity in the back jammin’. 

  12. Hey, He’s in front of 30 Rock! I smell Larfleeze/Tracy Jordan crossover! 

  13. Either this is going to be hilarious or it’ll get old real fast (like a lot of Larfleeze’s appearances lately). I’ll buy it though just for the sake of it.

  14. It seems to like the gun is actually a toy.

  15. MINE! That’s all.

  16. I can’t imagine Larfleeze settling for a toy when he could have the real thing. (Just to be clear: I have no problem with the gun, I just found it funny.)

    @obiwanpomaybo – I’d love to read a Tracy Jordan bit.  I’d settle for a Brian Fellows appearance. 

  17. Larfleeze, Rockettes, Dom, and an AK?  Sold!

  18. Is that Cindy LouWho behind Larfleeze? Awesome

  19. @RoiVampire nice catch!!  But is that corn and hanging from the chain, is that roast beast?

  20. @msarsur: Is there really a better example of American avarice than a rapper?

    Can’t wait for this. I want a stuffed Larfleeze for Christmas.

  21. @WheelHands Point well argued, sir.

    Larfleeze should play "Deal or No Deal". That be fun too.

  22. He has been one of the best things to come out of Green Lanten in a while.

  23. auto-pull feature, anyone?