Flashpoint Coming in 2011 From Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert

It wouldn't be a new Geoff Johns book without a teaser for the title's upcoming events, and The Flash #1 is no exception.  At the end of today's new issue, Johns teases readers with next year's Flash event; Flashpoint.  I'm happy to see Andy Kubert doing interior work again, this time paired with inker Paul Neary and Blackest Night colorist-extraordinaire Alex Sinclair (for the teaser, at least).  An event planned a year in advance seems much more Kubert's speed than monthly books these days, and those teaser pages certainly give a lot to look forward to.  Let the speculation begin!


Flashpoint TeaserFlashpoint Teaser


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I was very much intrigued when I turned the page and saw this. But if I’m being totally honest, it’s a little anti-climactic after Flash #1 with that spectacular Francis Manapul art. It’s early, I know, but Manapul is up there with Kolins as the best modern Flash artists, and anybody else is really a step down in my opinion. 

  2. This seems almost like an Elseworld’s style thing

  3. Anyone have idea what this means?

  4. Well, there was an Elseworlds book with the same title, but having never read the book, I couldn’t guess whether it might be connected or not.

  5. I was not expecting this when I saw this, seems Johns is going straight out of the gate with his flash ideas. Why does Barry Allen have a Reverse flash suit? Is that Obsidian he’s fighting? Will this lead into a blackest night-esque event called Flashwar? I cant wait to find out! 

  6. I’m a hppy nerd right now.

  7. OK. There are two pages there. that’s all i have seen and all that i know about this.

    However, I could do without the nebulous yellow lightning being used as device again. it doesn’t look good, it hasn’t been defined, it just shows up and does whatever the story needs it to do than shows up two issues later and does something different. 

    However, The second image has wonderwoman in awesome armour and a white lantern ring which is cool

  8. A Kubert son working on DC title means it will be late.  WFTT

  9. Amazing.

  10. Hopefully this will be more akin to Sinestro Corps War and not Blackest Night in that it stays in the Flash book…my pocketbook could really use a break…so I’m assuming Brucie and not Dick will be wearing the cowl by this time.

  11. I thought this was an OGN or something. Is this truly an event?

    It’s not fair to say for a two page tease but…..This didn’t look all that interesting. Hopefully that changes within the year of reading this title.

  12. At first glance this didn’t seem very interesting (especially relative the issue preceding it [as Paul mentioned]), but, upon closer inspection, I see some interesting bits.  

  13. hmmm…batman, superman, wonder woman, and a white lantern in the background…i’m pretty interested…btw, flash #1 kicked @$$ and I’ve never been a flash fan.

  14. …so this has nothing to do with a Canadian police SWAT drama? Looks damn cool, although truhh be told I’d be much more interested in a bunch of Flash stories before being thrown into an event.

  15. @Edward: Patience.

  16. The batman in the picture on the right looks badass

  17. So its going to be infinite back to back crossover DCU event’s from here on out? 

  18. Paris is flooded. That’s kind of weird. Aquaman?

  19. This looks great. I am really glad Andy Kubert has stayed at DC. I really like seeing his versions of the DC characters.

  20. Interesting. Though I hope Andy Kubert’s art is better than what’s portrayed. I don’t think it’s the best I’ve seen from him.

  21. Looks like they’re gonna finally play with the multiverse characters.I know they did in Final Crisis, but in Johns hands we might get a better story.


  22. I have no idea what this means. But an event with Flash at the center sounds good to me.

  23. @Art1318 I don’t think that’s it, Robinson is touching on the multiverse in JLA and Morrison is going to be doing Multiversity

  24. I thought this was that second Flash book that’s coming out, but its a crossover event for next year?

    I’ll start saving now as Blackest Night rapped my wallet. 

    Whats the title of that second Flash book, and whens it due? 

  25. Did anybody not expect this??? I mean, Johns stated that he was going to focus on Flash from now.

  26. I really like the preview persctive of these splash pages. It just leaves me wanting more…I hate having to wait a year to see it.@$#%

  27. Do we really know that this is an event? Just curious because I automatically just assumed it was either an OGN or a mini series that was separate from the ongoing series. I’m not particularly excited for this, since it just felt out of place being at the end the first issue, the first issue that I have been super excited for for the last year at least.

  28. followed soon after, i am sure, by Flashiest Night

  29. Okay, there’s a few Elseworlds looking characters and a few people are commenting that it looks like this deals with the Multiverse. Does anyone remember that page from Meltzer’s JLA #0 where it showed "the future" and the Trinity were standing around a monitor looking at what looked like an alternate JLA and saying that the Flash found it. There was some speculation at the time that the fact that they didn’t say Bart or Wally was a sign that Barry was coming back soon. Could this be the story where Flash takes a trip through the Multiverse. It might even tie into Multiversity, since Morrison 16-issue run on Batman and Robin will be done by then.

    Oh well, we won’t know for a while. This could start in next December’s Flash #21 and still technically be in 2011.