Today on his Twitter feed, director Edgar Wright pointed everyone to for what seems to be the first look that anyone outside of the production has had of the film adaption of Scott Pilgrim:


Scott Pilgrim Cast


You can click through to Slashflim for a second picture from the film, but it seems to show a scene from the final book so if you are crazy about spoilers you have been duly warned.


  1. This looks cool. I’m very keen to see how Cera pulls of being Scott Pilgrim.

  2. Oddly, I think everyone looks great, except for Cera/Pilgrim.  It’s the hair.  Young Neil looks GREAT though. 

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Looks like my dad’s hair circa 1981. 

  4. Can’t put my finger on it but it just doesn’t feel right. Hard to make a judgement call from a screen shot though so we’ll see, I’m still very curious to see it!

  5. young neil and stephen are spot one I think. We need to see some Wallace action pronto…

  6. Ah…..looks like I’m watching a still from a live action anime. The hair on them look ridiculous! lol

    There’s Michael Cera though, looking sheepish and totally like himself. Which is a problem considering Scott Pilgrim is the exact opposite of what Cera plays 100% of the time. But can’t fully judge until actual footage is shown.

  7. Any release date yet for the final volume?

  8. @TNC Scott Prilgrim is an anime…anglo-anime…anglo-bollywood-anime

  9. It’s also funny to me that……well look at the people in the background.

    One of these groups look totally out of place. Either the actual characters of Scott Pilgrim, or the other bar patrons. Cause no one in the background has silly hair or clothes like they do. It’s like:

    ‘Okay we have your Anime based character clique on one side of the bar; the normal costumers on the other side’. lol

  10. @TNC: I don’t know how to break this to you, but aside from the blue hair (well, in some cases even the blue hair), you can find hair like this in just about every bar in NYC south of 14th street. It’s pretty normal.

  11. @conor: Well that fits in well for that area of the USA. I’m talking about the entire country and how this is gonna be marketed to everyone. I’m sure to people who go to clubs or bars might see that, but in general? I really want to see how this plays to the average person.

    Then again I thought Up would be a tough sell and I was totally wrong. So I’m just speaking in hypothetical really.

  12. @TNC: I wasn’t aware that we were speaking to marketing. I was just noting that they don’t really look like anime characters, just normal people you’d find in an urban setting.

  13. It’s Lee’s Palace in TO.  Those people would fit in perfectly. 

  14. @TNC What do you mean how this will play to the average person?  They’re gonna either think they’re a bunch of hipster kids who do weird things to their hair or accept that its wacky cause its a comic book movie.  There’s a lot more suspension of disbelief going on in the story than just the outfits.

  15. @conor: Oh I’m sorry I thought you were refering to that, or advertising. Well then I guess then…..yeah it does seem pretty normal on that type of basis?

    But I have seen live action anime before, and this just feels so similar. I know Scott Pilgrim is essentially anime-lite. Still, had to do a double take with that screenshot. lol

  16. YAY!

  17. Holy Crap – YES.  I was not buying Cera as Scott Pilgrim, but I am officially sold.  This looks perfect.

  18. Is that Josh on the far right?

  19. Woohoo,I wear wristbands all the time and people gawk at them and ask why.Maybe the movie can help usher in a golden age of wristband acceptance.

  20. it looks like a kids show.

    i haven’t read the comic, so maybe i’m stating the obvious.


  22. I actually think Cera looks different then his usual self, and the other pic def. helps. I like Edgar Wright and I’m glad to see Cera actually trying to do something different, so count me in.

  23. Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim is no better than Thomas Jane as Frank Castle.  Though there is no doubt in my mind it wont be a success because the vast majority of the people watching it will have never read the book and therefore have no preconcieved notion.  It just doesnt work for me.


  25. NICE!! Love the comic and I think Edgar Wright is the right director for this project – guy hasn’t sucked yet. Very much looking forward to this one.

    Plus, I love Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but after seeing her in the Ramona getup, I badly want her to be the third future ex-mrs. dan

  26. @Kick Ass


  27. Production photos always look awkward and wierd, but then look awesome in the film.

  28. I have never seen a single page of Scott Pilgrim. I don’t even know what it is, yet people always talk about it. How out of the loop am I these days?

  29. has anyone used the phrase Cananime? Ever? Because I just mailed that to myself. 

  30. Cananime is redundant. it canime.

  31. It all started "George Michael"…

  32. I love Scott Pilgrim but I still don’t know if I buy Michael Cera as Scott. Of course I haven’t seen any clips yet.

    Sex Bob-omb!

  33. I may be the only person on the planet who doesn’t like the Scott Pilgrim books.  I hope you all find the film as enjoyable as you find the books.

  34. @stuclach – No, I’m with you on that.  I’m not fan, but not because I think it’s bad.  It just wasn’t my cup of tea.  I’m not a big fan of fiction about music/bands, so that’s one strike against it for me.  I think my teen-aged self would have liked a series like this had it existed (and I don’t mean to denigrate it by saying only teenagers can enjoy it).   It has everything I would have liked as a teenager: Older kids hanging out and living life (which you can’t imagine when you’re still a kid living at home); relationship ups and downs (something I was so curious about because I was so inexperienced); and a faux manga style that would have appealed to me when the only anime around was AKIRA and the only translated manga in the stores was Ranma 1/2.  (Anyone else remember going to buy bootlegged subtitled VHS tapes in Chinatown?)  As an adult it just doesn’t appeal to me, but then again neither do sitcoms, so make of that what you will.

  35. I’m also relatively old (30).  I don’t even remember fun.

  36. VEry, VERY very, Very worries for this.

  37. Cera’s hair is the only real problem. Everyone else looks quite spiffy.

  38. Got vol. 1 for the holidays, then immediately bought the rest of the series the second I finished the first book. This looks really cool!

  39. I think they all look great!!! People don’t give Cera enough credit. Youth in Revolt, Clark and Michael and other stuff he’s done for the internet has shown he breaking his "George Michael" character, and doing it very well. He’s gonna be a great Scott.

  40. @mudi900 but that could also be anime that comes out of Cancun. 

  41. wasn’t this picture released almost a month ago? i could have sworn i’ve seen this before….

  42. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @mikegraham6 – I think they released a distorted version of the photo and then someone fixed it so you could see it more clearly. 

  43. Cera better not fuck this up or…or….I might still have to watch it anyway! I keep hearing his george michael voice/stutter thing but I’m sure he can do something else!

  44. You know what’s great? Judging a film based solely on two images. Also, judging whether or not someone fits the character off of two images. I love doing that shit!

  45. I can’t WAIT!!!

  46. Edgar Wrights daily photo blog has tons of production pictures, and there is a scott pilgrim vs the world website with production videos (around 10-12).  Just in case anyone is interested.  But i’m too lazy to find links right now.

  47. @stuclach I am 30 and I have fun all the time. You may be doing something wrong lol