FIRST LOOK: Olivier Coipel’s UNCANNY X-MEN #526 Art

Marvel Comics has released a very early look at Olivier Coipel's art from the back-up story in Uncanny X-Men #526, which is written by Allan Heinberg. Baring delays, Uncanny X-Men #526 hits stores July 28.



I love, love, love getting to see uninked pencils. The art just comes off as more vibrant. That's not a slight against inkers and colorists who never get the credit they deserve, but there's a part of me that really responds to the rawness of pencil work.


  1. Oh, good gravy, that’s gorgeous.  I wish he could contribute to more comics, but at least doing little back ups like these keeps new artwork out there. Why can’t beautiful comic art be a little less, I don’t know, time consuming?

  2. sweet

  3. WOW!!!

  4. awesome Colossus on that first page!!   😉

  5. Ohh! When is this coming out? 

  6. @christopheduran: July 28

  7. Looks like their acknowledging that if Wiccan and Speed are the children of the Scarlett Witch their Mag’s grandkids….interesting and that Copiel art is gorgeous i need him to be on another ongoing…if he was on avengers i’d still be reading it

  8. Exceptionally good art on an X-Men book makes me wish I was an X-Men fan. Of course, that statement could be applied to just about any book that anybody isn’t a fan of.

  9. Problem is he’s only doing this one backup….then back to the likes of land

  10. I agree about the pencils….really seems to come to life, almost has a way of animating the page

  11. I LOVE Coipel’s work.  Any word on what he’s up to after this?  I haven’t heard anything, but I don’t much pay attention to the grapevine…

  12. Totally agree about pencils.  I almost always prefer them to finished work.  This stuff looks absolutely amazing.  I totally see what you guys are going on about whenever you mention Coipel’s work.  What is he, French?  Would you say his name thusly:  "Oh-liv-eeay Kwa-pel"?  Just curious.

  13. Man, this is so gratifying. I really don’t wanna sound like a douche, but I’ve been following Coipel since he drew Legion with DnA back in the DAY, turn of the century style, and it is awesome that he’s now the big name that he deserves to be. Plus, he’s drawing a back up story about the Young Avengers? All we need is him on a Slingers revival and I can die happy.

  14. The fact that he’s not on an ongoing is rediculous to me.  I’d buy a book from him trimonthly if I had to.  The combination of him, Mark Morales and Laura Martin is unparalleled.

  15. I’d imagine there’s probably a reason he’s not on a monthly book.  Either he doesn’t want to, or editors know he can’t get the work finished in time, say like Quitely. Not saying that’s the case, but it’s very possible.

  16. Whoa Nellie…I LOVE Coipel’s art. Having him do an X-book, even if it’s a backup story, makes me all sorts of happy.


  17. He draws. I buy.

  18. Boring…..