FIRST LOOK: J.H. Williams III’s New BATWOMAN Series

DC unveiled the first new image from J.H. Williams upcoming Batwoman series, picking up right where he and Greg Rucka left off in the pages of Detective Comics.

This is what we art history minors call "stupid pretty."

As reported earlier, Williams is set to write and draw the first arc of the series with an assist from co-writer W. Haden Blackman. For the second arc, Williams continues on writing, but interior art comes courtesy of another incredible talent, Madame Xanadu's Amy Reeder.

Greg Rucka really helped Kate Kane find her place in the Gotham skyline, but now that he's no longer writing at DC, that doesn't mean the character should fall to the wayside. It's important that this character maintain her footing. Here's hoping Williams, Blackman, and Reeder keep up the momentum, and Batwoman succeeds as an ongoing title. She deserves it, and so do her readers.


  1. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Oh my. Yes please.

    Was there any word given on when this may be out? The same time as David Finch’s BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT or after that? In any case, I’m very much looking forward to reading this series. Looks amazing. 

  2. Does anyone else know of other J.H. Williams written work?  I love his art and don’t want to discount Amy Reeder, but why is he on writing as opposed to art?  

    Seems DC is letting quite a few artists develop their writing skills.

  3. That image is beautiful. Looking forward to it.

  4. Wow.

  5. This looks great. Its always refreshing to see comic art that is designed instead of just rendered. 

  6. JH Williams is brilliant, and I’ve heard his run with Rucka on Detective Comics was a really collaborative project. Here’s hoping for more amazing writing, cause JHW has the art down pat!!

  7. The story could be garbage and I’d still be on this like stink on shit.  I can’t wait to see more of his art.  This also reminds me that I need to get that Batwoman HC.

  8. if it wouldn’t have been for JH Williams III’s art and layouts I don’t think that batwoman run in detective comics would be near as memorable as it was. I don’t really remember the stories from that run that much, mainly just the red. .    

  9. Rucka and Williams run on Detective Comics was spectacular. Both put in a hell of a effort and delivered a great story.  I think Batwoman is in good hands and can’t wait to read more.  Amy Reeder is an awesome artist but when I think of Batwoman I think of J. H. Williams III.

  10. @misterckent – J.H. Williams has co-written "Batman:Snow" with Seth Fisher on art. I bought that book thinking it was J.H. Williams art and it turned out to be amazing work by Seth Fisher, who unfortunately has passed away. The story is a Mr. Freeze origin story combined with Batman thinking about putting a street team together.

  11. Ah man I cannot wait for this book. I can look over at my issues and "Detective" from Rucka and Williams and feel proud to own those. Very excited for whenever this comes out, they could say it won’t come out for three more years and I won’t care, as long as we keep getting the excellent quality. 

  12. As a professional graphic designer, I actually find Williams’ design work somewhat derivative, redundant, and distracting. I absolutely LOVE his illustration, but I think people tend to see that something designed is automtically good design, since comic art isn’t typically done that way.

  13. I was already excited for this book, but now I’m wondering if I should just mail my bank information to Williams. Batwoman just surpassed eating in my heirarchy of needs, I think

  14. Hear what JHWIII has to say about the upcoming series … Podcast interview here:

  15. It looks like a whole lot of awesomeness, i loved his avantgarde art style in Detective Comics, although i’m also looking forward Amy Reeder art, iloved her Madame Xanadu gig

  16. The story aspect of the Detective run was just as important as the art.  The highlight was the origin issues in which Rucka managed to craft a backstory which was compelling but also sufficiently original compared with the rest of the Batfamily, truly giving Kate an individual identity.  This was true collaborative comic making, which is why the HC has pride of place on my shelf.  On the flipside, I still can’t wait for this.  Williams is some kind of genius, which tends to make me hope he’s got the chops for writing, and he’s paid his dues and earned this kind of recognition by being doing this kind of amazing work since the mid 90s.  I hope this is a stellar success.

  17. @actualbutt–derivative of what? If you’re gonna say that back it up with examples. 

  18. like 90’s comic book layouts with class, is how I’d describe JH Williams layouts on his detective run. made me nostalgic and happy and made me admire his work even more and more. I want more, and here it is, hopefully, yay! 

  19. I’m so pleased with this!  I loved the Detective run in issues and still bought the hardcover (which isn’t something I usually do) because, to use Paul’s technical term — stupid pretty.

  20. It’s kinda…art deco.

    I love it!

    Is it bad that I feel it necessary to wait for trades on this?


  21. @actualbutt – be that as it may, its still something people in comics don’t do, which is great that he is trying. Not only that, you see Williams do three different styles in one comics. He is awesome. Come on man. 🙂

  22. Holy Lesbian Nipples Batman! She Finally got her own title, Yay!!!

  23. Yeah, he’s basically the best artist in the business right now. And I trust him with co-writing/plotting. He was a pretty good co-writer back on Chase in the ’90s.

  24. TOO MANY BAT BOOKS!!  I said it.

  25. Without Rucka, I don’t have an interest in this.

  26. I am already to buy this book just get it out there. I don’t consider this a batbook, as it has none of the same cast. This is something new and exciting.

    Rucka will be missed, but I’m hopefully JH Williams can deliver. At the very least this will be a beautiful book.