FIRST LOOK: Frank Cho has AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #0 Covered

This March will see the kickoff of 2012’s battle royale, Avengers vs. X-Men. Before the main event gets underway, however, we will first be treated to a #0 issue that pauses to take a closer look at the roles Hope and the Scarlet Witch will play in all this.

Brian Michael Bendis and Jason Aaron will handle the writing, while the art will be from the pencil of one Mr. Frank Cho, whose cover for the issue sets the stage below. You have until March to save those pennies.

Avengers Vs. XMen #0 Cover


  1. still not super pumped for this, but goddamn if frank cho doesn’t rule

  2. “Is that — are someone’s boobs behind my head?”

  3. This looks beautiful but with Bendis this means there’s 99% probability there will be no clear conclusion. Not even the Witch can alter those odds.

    • It’s cool if you’re just not into Bendis, but I don’t think he’s the only reason modern comics have a hard time delivering actual endings.

      And actually, since this event will probably feature his final stories for Avengers and New Avengers, I think the likelihood of you getting something like a real ending is higher than ever!

    • If you’re looking for clear conclusions in super hero comics I have some bad news for you.

  4. Aaaaaa goodnesss im pumped for this

  5. Honestly i wouldnt even bother with this but the team of writers and artists on this are great… im in.

    Im hoping this event doesnt get overshadowed by all the great talent involved and actually meshes well together to make an enjoyable story

  6. Was there ever an in-story explanation to why Hope still wears that ratty cape/shawl?

  7. What has Scarlet Witch been up to since House of M?

    • Check out Avengers: The Children’s Crusade. The series centers around her and it’s been great. Plus the new issue (I think there are 2 left) should be coming out in the next few weeks.

      That series has had some MAJOR Marvel stuff happening by the way, but none of it has really spilled into the x-books or other mainstream Marvel books yet as far as I know

    • Give me a brief summary of Children’s Crusade, please. I don’t want to spend on something I’m not all that interested in.

    • @thehangman: Short answer: Wanda had amnesia and was hanging out with Victor Von Doom.

      Long answer:

      It’s really one of the best things that Marvel has put out in recent years.

    • @hangman – SPOILER

      Scarlet Witch seems back to normal and now wants to give “no more mutants” victims their powers back. She started with Rictor and it worked, he’s got his powers back

    • @ cutty – Not sure if you consider X-Factor mainstream, but there’s been at least one effect in that book resulting from the events of A:CC (sorry for the vagueness, but I”m trying to keep it spoiler free)

    • @cutty – just saw that you’d already made that note.

  8. I wish everyone who bought event comics would buy creator-owned ones. Perhaps that way we’d get more than one issue of Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows every 6 years or so.

  9. This is quite a nice cover! I have to say though. I can’t really decide how I feel about this. It has the potential of being really awesome… but so did Fear Itself. Marvel hasn’t really been delivering on events lately.

  10. Damn, nice. Definitely picking up, slightly due to my status as a marvel event whore.

  11. I thought his work on Mighty Avengers was really good.

  12. I’m in for this ! Looking forward to it.

  13. Since no one else has mentioned it, bravo, Mr. Mroczkowski, for what may be the best article tag line of the year.

  14. Is this what comes out of this whole X-Sanction thing with Cable? I can’t bring myself to get that because of my burning hatred for anything Cable related. Even though I love the Avengers I REALLY don’t want to see them get punked out by Cable.

  15. If any of you have doubts about this I seriously second checking out Children’s Crusade. Once that spills over more into the main Marvel U, anyone reading it will be more pumped for Avengers vs. X-men than anyone who hadn’t read it. Seriously, if you think they are just fighting over the Phoenix Force, think again…