DC is releasing a lot of news and early glimpses at art this week, including this uncolored version of the cover to Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1 by Andy Kubert.


Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1




  1. Morlocks!

  2. Too awesome – wonder how he’ll play detective and solve murders in the caveman age…

  3. just goes to show batman kicks ass in any time peroid

  4. I’d imagine he’d be THE Alpha male in caveman logic.  Smarter and can kick butt.

  5. That looks great. Maybe he is the reason Neatherthals are extict. I wonder if there will be Giant sized Bats for him to get masks from.

  6. Cool Beans. 

    However, that is just the Just Imagine Stan Lee Batman costume 😉 

  7. Looks cool…………but doesn’t fit the character if ya ask me.

  8. It´s old school Batman.

  9. Looks cool.

    You know who could totally help him out of this time funk? Doctor Who.

  10. @MrWilson How so? There are far more years of Batman time traveling, meeting alternate selves, fighting improbable bad guys, being goofy and actually being a detective than there are of brooding, "dark knight" Batman.

  11. I see Andy went with his pop’s design from the "Just Imagine Stan Lee’s Batman" from a few year’s back. More importantly though, I want us all to take a moment and think about how big and scary the bat that Bruce is wearing must have been.

  12. Crazy 60s sci-fi Batman by way of modern gritty Batman?  Sign me up!

  13. I was gonna type something and then… well, you know. You guys enjoy yourselves! Sincerely, I hope you have fun with this. 🙂

  14. Cool cover.

    Who is writing this series? 

  15. @USPUNX: Grant Morrison.

  16. Do the Bat-Caveman and Bat-Pirate fit the character?  Of course they do.  Bruce made a vow at his parents graves that he would do all he could to make sure no child ever has to go through what he’s gone through.  It’s the driving force of Bruce, not as a superhero, but as a human being.  Being sent back in time isn’t going to stop him.  He’s taken on Killer Croc, The Joker, Superman, and the freakin’ Anti-Monitor.  A couple of punkass neanderthals, some pirates and a time shift aren’t going to stop this guy.

    I’d like to think that as soon as Bruce realized where he was he thought "Hmmm, where’s a cave?" and didn’t waste anytime getting back to what he does best.  I just can’t wait for the next Darkseid/Batman scene after the return.  I’m hoping for a DKR #4-esque beatdown.

  17. Also, that pose, what with the mob around his waste and the arm in the air, looks very familiar.  Is it an homage to something I’m forgetting?

  18. Is this going to be part of the regular ongoing, or is it a miniseries running parallel with the main book?

  19. Caveman Batman’s fist case: Who flung the monkey poo at the cavemen?


    Im so onboard with this series…alot of people came down on some of Morrison’s Batman arcs like R.I.P., saying it was incomprehensable. I enjoyed the hell out of it, though, as if you read it slowly, it makes every amount of sense possible. So naturally, Im wondering what the hell happened to Bruce?! Guess we’ll find out soon!

  20. why is batman beating on a bunch of cavemen? are they criminal cavemen? because i don’t think we really had a system of law back then

  21. @Slockhart: I am pretty sure that after the release of the initial images, Morrison revealed that there are no Pirate Batman scenes, that that was just a conecpt drawing from Kubert. I could be wrong.

  22. @conor: NO PIRATE BATMAN!?!?!?!? GOD DAMMIT!!

  23. "Get yer filthy hands offa me you damn dirty..

  24. Oh man, poor man-bat. so that’s what happened to him…

  25. @trobinson79

    Batman will "discover" fire 😉

  26. That’s just dumb. That is the most ridiculous costume since the Spider-Hoodie.

  27. awwwesome! I am super excited for this!

  28. Does he have a carcass hanging around his neck.  That cannot be sanitary.

  29. I’m really looking forward to this series.  This is totally up Grant Morrison’s alley.

  30. i wanna see batman get disco fever

  31. He is his one great, great grandaddy! Cuz he’ll bone some cave chick fo sho!

  32. I can see what could be interesting about this, but I have serious reservations; none of it says "Batman" or "Bruce Wayne" to me. There are things that I buy Batman books for, but "What if he was a caveman?" is exactly none of those things. It might be interesting to explore the character of Peter Parker if he were forced to fight a space war as the captain of a starship, but that wouldn’t be a good Spider-Man book and they have the sense not to publish such a beast.

    "What if it was Batman, but not in Gotham City? And not doing any detective work, or fighting costumed criminal masterminds? And he wasn’t dressed as Batman? And he was called, I dunno, Steve? It would be great. We could call it ‘Not-Man, the Book That Has No Reason to Exist.’"

  33. @Jimski: Or it would be a book that explores what makes Bruce Wayne so great by taking him out of his familiar surroundings and forcing him to survive against impossible odds.

  34. @Jimski: "Not-Man: The Book That Has No Reason to Exist"

    I’d buy it.

  35. It all makes sense now… Batman invented the wheel.

  36. Did Bruce kill Man-Bat to use his head as a cap?

  37. There’s no monolith in the promo art?  And were there bats big enough to make a headpiece and cape out of during the beginning of time?

    This could be really really cool.  Batman without the gadgets.  I am curious to see how Morrison gets him out of this predicament, but then again if he didn’t have an out he wouldn’t have put him in this situation.

  38. Cavemen are a superstitious and cowardly lot

  39. OK, I gotta stop reading this thread…

  40. This looks like a poorly designed action figure.  

    What’s the point of a costume, minus the technology that makes him Batman? Or the point of the cowl/cape that doesn’t disguise his identity or allow him to glide?

    I get the club and arm guards, but a giant freaking bat head for a hat? Is this meant to instill fear into the neanderthal man? Mebbe. 

    I just don’t think Mr. Wayne would entertain this get-up. And Nor do I for that matter, despite being excited to see how the Bats would deal with surviving the past to make his way to the future.

    Hopefully the story makes up for the terrible and unnecessary redesign. 

  41. You think they’re going to do a Back to the Future thing, where time-traveling Bruce impregnates women across time and they all turn out to be the progenitors of the Waynes, Pennyworths, Greysons, Vales, Cobblepots, Arkhams, Gordons and the like?  Like Bruce REALLY owns Gotham city…in a hereditary way?

     On a more serious note….wouldn’t it be cool if time traveling Bruce met Ra’s Al Ghul as a child? Hmmm…the possibilities are many 

  42. @Xomneon:"What’s the point of a costume"

    Fear, the entire idea of Batman’s costume from the get go was not the tech or anything or even anonymity, though it serves that purpose. It’s gut wrenching fear, it’s seeing the shadow come across you and you know you’re screwed. You know he’s going to come from the sky or the shadows like a demon break the bones in your body and move on like the very action of the destruction of your criminal body is what sustains him. 

    I imagine the giant Bat costume is the same thing. Bruce’s way of giving a huge psychological advantage to a bunch of creatures that are afraid of the dark, because a lion or bear or the Batman might come and get them.

    With Batman it’s always fear. 

  43. I really don’t want Bruce Wayne back yet. Dick as batman has me reading Batman for the first time in years. He didn’t get long enough with the cowl. 

  44. So fucking awesome!!! I can’t wait!

  45. Im looking forward to this. Can’t wait much longer!

  46. @Crucio: The point of the costume was never the tech or the anonymity? I agree with the point about the fear but come on Dude. He’s the world’s greatest detective. He’s a practical man. He needs his tools, otherwise there’s no costume.

    How is he going to come from the sky or the shadows by wearing a hollowed out bat carcass on his back? No grappling gun, or buildings to leap from, or shadowy alleys to roam. Gotham’s as much as character in the books as the protagonist is.

    He’s going to come running along the beach/forest/grasslands (the smell giving him away in plenty of time) hindered by the weighty, unwieldy rotting carcass he’s strapped to his head and beat up bands of neanderthals. He might as well scream "Spoons!" while he’s at it for all the fear he’ll conjure. 

    This isn’t Batman. This isn’t even Bruce Wayne trapped in the past. 

    Still, my imagination is nothing compared to Morrison’s.

    Maybe he’ll pull something out the bag. Or maybe it’ll be a complete mess. 

  47. @Xomneon: Batman is definitely not all about the tech. He’s about the man.

  48. I think this ties in to what Neil Gaiman set up in "Whatever Happedn to the Caped Crusader". No matter what time or place or universe you put Bruce Wayne in, he will always, always be Batman.

  49. As much as I like Dick Grayson, I can’t wait to see what’s going on with Bruce Wayne.

  50. @Conor: I totally agree. But I never argued that he’s all about the tech. Most flagship super heroes are all about the man/woman and not the costume. 

    Bruce above most others is more disciplined, focused, prepared and logical. I don’t think this frivolity gels with the man. Upon finding himself in the past; making bat symbols for future archaeologists to find is smart. He’d also possibly whip up some flint batarangs, those arm-guards, yards of rope, some sturdy footwear and clothing to suit his environment.

    I just can’t see where hunting and killing/finding and hollowing out some giant bat carcass comes on his list of priorities to get back to the present. For which Neanderthal’s benefit is he wearing the dead bat?

  51. @Xomneon: Not having read the story yet I can only guess but I imagine that he is wearing it for his own benefit. He is a man of deep, deep, deep, deep psychological issues and finding himself out of time I can very easily see him coping by recreating, to the best of his abilities, the symbols that provide him with strength.

  52. @Conor: And thus is why I ended my posts commenting on the prowess of Morrison’s imagination. He’ll have to really pull out all the stops to write in this costume without it coming across as contrived.

    I always saw the symbols as more for the benefit of his enemies. That urban legend, the batman, who can fly, disappear, is bulletproof, maybe a man, maybe a monster: all good psychological tools.

    I don’t think that Neanderthal man, with all his experience in hunter-gathering and carcasses will be fooled by a Homosapien clad in a corpse, the way the criminal fraternity of Gothamites are of a seemingly super-natural, super-powered vigilante prowling the shadows.

    As you said though, maybe it’s a crutch. For his benefit. Still think it looks, and as a concept, like something that’s best left in the past.