First Look: AVENGERS #1

I have a feeling Avengers-mania is going to be in full swing once Avengers #1 ships this May.  In fact, it's already beginning as Marvel Comics has launched their campaign to let you win a chance to get in an issue of the Avengers at To further the anticipation, we got our first look at the various covers to Avengers #1, as well as some preview pages of from the first issue.  Being a huge John Romita, Jr. and Marvel fan, I just about drooled when I saw that spread of all those characters. Not only that, but scroll down and check out the sweet John Romita, Sr. cover for Avengers #1.  Talk about awesome!

Get ready for a bunch of Avengers #1 art!


Avengers #1 cover by John Romita Jr:

Avengers #1


Avengers #1 – The Heroic Age cover by Greg Land:

Avengers #1 Heroic Age


Avengers #1 cover by John Romita, Sr.

Avengers #1 John Romita Sr.


Avengers #1 cover by Marko Djurdjevic


Avengers #1 Interior Preview art from John Romita, Jr.


  1. damn that comic is going to be good looking (and ON TIME!) Three Cheers for JRJR!

  2. Beautiful.

  3. I agree with half that statement

  4. Can’t wait.

  5. I can’t help but feell miffled at the covers putting Spidey and Wolverine alongside the big guns of the Avengers as if they belonged there.

    Also, is that Noh-Varr?

  6. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  7. oh good, they’re rebuilding Soldier Field. Maybe it will look right this time!

    Also, I’m just about hyperventilating over those pages. Friggin’ awesome! 

  8. Don’t want to be negative but gah! Greg Bloody Land! How did he get in on the act? And uses the same arms out stretched trace for Thor as he has for every other male character he has ever done.


    On the plus side the Romitas and Djurdjevic (spelling?) covers are great, as you would expect. yes that is Noh Var in the Djurdjevic one. Interior panels look good as well. I despise Wonder Man but he actually looks alright here. Thus illustrates the power of JRJR!!! He makes me like stuff I hate! Shame he cant draw for Greg Land…

  9. I’d like to add; Spidey and Wolverine totally fit being with the big three. If nothing else it makes perfect commercial sense. The 5 biggest characters in the pantheon all together on the same book. Its a no brainer.

    However, I personally think it also makes sense from a team stance. Every good Avengers team is made up of a mix of power sets and personalities. The avengers have never been a heavy hitters only team. Also Spidey and Wolverine have proven themselves in their own, and other books time and time again. They are premier heroes and as such totally fit in the Avengers. Sure they have an outsider kind of character, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that, while the public may hate/fear them, all the super hero community knows they are some of the best.  

  10. Loving the JRJr and Djurdjevic covers! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  11. I understand where you coming from from like a team stance but honestly the two are already prominetnly in New Avengers…i really don’t need to read more of the two and plus this wolverine as an avenger thing is getting out of hand especially with all the crap he does in X-Force. But thats just kinda me venting, I’m hoping the two will be in like the first arc then stay put in new avengers and the new team is essentially the characters in the Marko Cover with maybe a couple of add ons like sting ray(joking…or am i)

  12. I gotta say i’m not a huge JR JR fan but those interiors look pretty good, despite a couple of off things. Though that cover is just atrocious i mean cap and wolverine look fine but the perspective of Thor and Ironman flying at me is so weird looking and i’m not even talking about the spiderman web slinging thing

  13. Complaining about Spider-Man and Wolverine being on the team is such an archaic thing to do.

    New Avengers launched with the line-up very close to this.

    You have had . . . what seven years to get used to it?

    Though complaining that they are in both the New Avengers and Avengers is kind of valid.

  14. Who’s the guy in black & white below Spider-Woman and Hawkeye on the Djurdjevic cover?

  15. I’m not complaining about the Wolverine and Spiderman thing. i understand why they’re both in the books sales and popularity. My thing is the main avengers book which is the return to form for classic avengers fans features the two of them as well as being featured prominetly in New Avengers. Its just a little annoying especially when you take in to the context of bigger characters like Thor and Ironman being members of only one team. Idk it just kinda bugs me for some reason, though even in these seven years i still have issue with Wolverine as an avenger and nothing anyone can say will justify in my eyes his involvement in the team outside of sales and popularity

  16. Nohr Varr..formerly marvel boy and the New Captain Marvel though i think their calling him something lame like Protector or something

  17. Omigosh, Jess and Dani, I love it. The interiors are far superior to the covers except WHAT happened to Jess Drew’s face in the Hollywood Squres line-up? She scares me.

  18. JRJR is great but sometimes when he’s drawing marvel heroes his style clashes with their overrall designs, his war machine and iron man kinda upset me and his baby cage likes like a minituatre toddler rather then a baby

  19. So, who’s in the missing panel (top right) on the spread with all the headshots – I’ll guess Janet Van Dyne.

  20. oh man, JR SR art always makes me smile.  love it!

  21. Jeez how many covers can a comic company publish for one title? I know it’s Avengers #1 but geez….way to much.

    Interiors look nice, although very limited to really judge. Wonderman looks slightly off to me though, especially in the first (tiny) panel of the 2nd page.

  22. Is that what Iron Fist’s costume is looking like these days? The classic, sexy chest tat slash shirt covered up by a top that advertises the same motif? How terribly naff.

  23. Did not expect a JRSR cover. Very happy to see it, it’s great.

  24. It’s always good to see Papa JR and baby JR draw covers for the same issue.

    I love JRJR, but Spider-Woman’s mouth looks like Heath Ledger’s in "Dark Knight". Still very very excited.

  25. I love JRJR’s stuff and his expressions but the shapes of his faces always put me off a bit. Dunno. Everything else looks great. Djurdjevic’s cover looks fantastic. His hawkeye is dead on.

  26. All the covers except the painted one are downright goofy. JRJR art looks like it belongs in MAD magazine sometimes. Hope he doesn’t draw Jessica Drew like that all the time, she looks like she is suffering from malnutrition in that lone panel. Still, looking forward to this.

  27. While I’m not thrilled with JRJR on Avengers, at least the interiors look like vast improvements over that unfortunate cover.

    I like JRJR, his style just doesn’t scream SUPERHEROES like I think the Avengers should.

  28. I love that Marko cover, the way he draws Nohr Varr to sort of invoke the bachalo style is awesome, even if the costume is unfortunate

  29. iam pretty underwhelmed by it. love jr on kick ass, but i dont like his style on this title so far

  30. @Mart are you seriously saying that the current Iron Fist costume is worse than the classic big collar, bare chest? That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard all day. And/Or I am being really dense and missing a joke?

     As much as I love JRJR I am totally on board for the uncomfortable feeling from the Iron Man and War Machine armour. Just… Off. I think JRJR’s style is too organic for Iron Man.

  31. This looks freaking awesome! Can’t wait.

  32. One thing thats always kind annoyed me about comic artist is that rather then embrace a new design addition to a character they’ll just draw the design the like the most leaving a bad taste of continuity in my mouth. I remember when Tony got the sleek Extremis armor, a good half of the marvel artist chose to still draw his old armor even when the established that he was using Extremis. I’ve seen JR JR draw Iron Man before and his Ironman save for whatever armor he is drawing looks completely the same in terms of the helmet always that exact same face and as much as i dislike Cat Beast i’m pretty sure he drew ape beast and if Marvel has decided to reverse the Cat Beast decision i would have like to have had someone tell me in advance rather then Beast just showing up normal looking

  33. whats the story gonna be like? is it a good place to jump into the avengers and maybe the Marvel U?

  34. I can’t wait to read this, despite not being a big Romita fan.  Just never got into his work as much as other guys.  But I’m looking forward to the whole Avengers franchise.

  35. @wallythegreenmonster: It probably will be a good place to start.

  36. Well, they found the right guy for the job. Trivia question — what was the one time JRJR drew DC Comics characters?

  37. Can’t wait to read this.

  38. O____________________________________________O


  39. Didn’t dig he Jr Jr cover. It just seemed a bit blockish. I know that may come off wierd but not my bag. But the interiors were dope.

  40. Gotta admit, I’m not loving any of this art. It’s actually rather diappointing.


  41. I actually dropped Avengers after reading it for about 12 years straight during Dark Reign, but I will be back on board with this relaunch.

  42. Sigh. I wish Wonder Man was in his Leisure Suit outfit. BUT Happy to see Wonder Man.

  43. @Timmywood: I’d have to disagree with you there. I welcome the classic W outfit back.  The suit made him look like more of a playboy skier than a superhero. Regardless, I can’t wait to see Simon and Hank team up again.

  44. gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!!!

  45. Can, not, wait, so, damn, excited, need,more, commas!