First Look at the The Losers Movie

UPDATE – the official trailer is now live for our enjoyment – you can see it over at MSN or below:

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Last night, Andy Diggle began posting on Twitter about how some footage from the movie adaptation of his book, The Losers, was appearing online.  For those not aware, The Losers will be the first comic book movie this year with an opening in April and will have a full preview, oddly enough, on Entertainment Tonight this evening.  Entertainment Tonight has been teasing this preview with this short promo that's got some footage as well as a good idea for how the movie is going to look.

I've gotta admit, I've read the first 3 trades of The Losers, and from what I can tell from this short look at it, I totally recgonized characters and scenes, and in a good way.  It looks like they may have gotten this one right, and I'm officially excited for it. 

If you haven't read The Losers yet, a trade collecting volumes 1 and 2 was released this week and we strongly recommend you pick it up.  Excellent work by Andy Diggle and Jock on a great military/espionage type story.  One of the best reads of the decade if you ask us.

So here's the footage, what do you think?




  1. wow, that made me excited.

  2. I’m definitely thumbs up. I feel like I need to see it as the final product, because it looks like they still need to put some polish on it.  Looks like Chris Evans is ready to steal the show!


  4. Cool. From what little we can tell, it does seem to have the right feel — and I love how they captured that scene where he’s pointing his fingers and shooting the people… that brought me right back to the comic.

  5. @dccampo yeah i went throught the same thing just flashed back to that part of the book. Fuck A-team, i rather watch this.

  6. also Idris Elba as Roque is def. a typecast of his Stringer bell character on the wire. It fits though so im not complaining.

  7. Looks generic and any other action film that has come out in the last 20 years.

    Granted I’ve never read The Losers, so I’m not saying the book is also generic. But those random clips make it look in the same vein as ‘Wanted’ or ‘GI Joe: Rise of Cobra’. Mindless action and nothing else.

  8. Is something wrong with the video, or is it my computer?

  9. I would have to agree with TNC on this one.  That looked really generic and pretty crappy.  Haven’t read the book so I can’t speak to it, though by how much love it gets it should be pretty good.

  10. Wow I’m excited. From what i can tell alot of those scenes were closely pulled from the comic. I really dug the comic, it should be great. man there is alot of movies i want to see this year..

    @Ron your going to have to catch up and finish the rest of The Losers…

  11. Looks awesome! I haven’t read it, but now, I think I will.

  12. you guys saw 19 seconds of actual footage. dont you think its to early to bash it since you havent even read the books?

  13. I don’t like movies I haven’t even heard of.

  14. I’m just saying with the trailer they showed, it wasn’t interesting.

    I’m not saying "Oh this looks like shit. The acting looks horrible, special effects aren’t done yet". Not doing any of that. When you see what they showed us, it just looks boring. That’s all.

  15. I am excited!

  16. My favorite character, Jensen, looks and like the spitting image of his comic book counterpart. Looking forward to this!

  17. UPDATED with the full trailer.

    This looks like it’s going to be so much fun.

  18. Well, looks like it’s officially time to read the book that’s been on my shelf for some time now

  19. im more excited but i already saw elements from stuff that were in later trades. still lovin it.

  20. Thats a great full trailer

  21. Wow.. that makes me super excited.  Like Conor said.. This is totally going to be a fun ride.

  22. Looks like a more exciting A-Team.

    Better trailer, but still not interested.

  23. Oh there’s gonna be a shit ton of A-Team comparisons

  24. That looks like fun. I’m in.

  25. Yep, I agree with TNC. To me this looks very much like a lot of other summer action films. Big explosions, one liners, slow motion etc. Im not gonna bash this but Im just not excited about this. Also, the director is the guy who made Stomp the Yard? weird

  26. @DarkKnight: That’s the same director? Ugh….

  27. It looks like it has some promise.  Loved the comic, and the fact they’ve included entire panels and scenes is great.  But yeah, there are going to be a TON of A-Team comparisons.  Maybe that’s the "everybody’s doing it" movie this summer, team action films.  Because not only are there those two, but there’s also The Expendables from Stallone.  Still I hope this is worthy of seeing in the theatre and not a "I’ll wait for rental" or even "I’ll wait but then not care once it hits DVD because it’s that bad, like Whiteout and The Surrogates".  Here’s hoping this summer shows comic book movies aren’t all about superheroes.

  28. Wow. This is looking much, much better then I thought it was going to be.

  29. I was a big, big fan of the book, and this instantly brought me back to the characters. I thought they were realized really well. I loved Cougar in that book, and he looks great in this.

    It totally is a classic action movie. It’s what the creators intended when writing the book, and it’s as good an "action movie as comic" as I’ve seen.  So it’s a bit odd that now it’s gonna be a movie, but I was pleasantly surprised by this.

    Aisha could be a bit sexier…

  30. Looks good, but needs some Paul Giamatti.  Every movie is better with a little Giamatti.

  31. Holy crap, it’s Darius from Studio 60!  This looks like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing this, guys.

  32. The new trailer that is up is way better than the first one.  Now it makes me interested to see the movie.  That first one made it seem like a bad made-for-tv rip off of the a-team.

  33. Looks like a fun flick. Still need to read the book though.

  34. Wow I feel old because the only Losers book I remember didn’t look anything like this flick … it was a WWII book and had Captain Storm, Johnny Cloud, Pooch, and other DC War heroes teamed up.  I loved that book… I have no idea what this is.


  36. @Hawkboy – this is vaguely related to that, but not really. There’s definitely a Pooch.

    Those Losers were in New Frontier, and there was nothing not awesome about New Frontier, so they must be awesome.

  37. Thanks Josh!  I just clicked on this all excited expecting to see the original Losers… and then instantly I felt like an old man in a bar full of 19 year olds dancing to music I didn’t understand!!!  And honest, I’m not that old, and I’m up on my new comics! 😉  This Losers update somehow slipped by me I guess… sounds like it’s well liked so I will check it out!  Thanks for the 411 Josh… and yes the original Losers were awesome!!!

  38. I can’t wait for this movie.  I also can’t wait for A-Team, which I feel compelled to mention because everyone is.

    I have some weird affinity for Jeffrey Dean Morgan even though I’ve only seen him in a couple things.

  39. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Fun! Great ensemble too. 

  40. The Expendibles is going to mop the floor with this movie!  Stallone, Willis, Swartzenegger, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Mickey Roarke, Danny Trejo, and Charisma Carpenter!

  41. The full trailer is great. The A Team definitely pales in comparison to this. I was expecting an accent from Zoe Saldana, but I guess it’s better if she doesn’t Halle Berry up the place. I got a bit of a  Smoking Aces feel to it, with all the slo-mo. 


    I’m just imagining all the  "Oh!" noises that will be coming from the audience when I see this in the theater. I’ll be smiling all the time, knowing that there’s still more OMG moments to come. 

  42. @Josh "Aisha could be a bit sexier… "   I most certainly hope your tounge was planted in your cheek with that one, sir.

    Seeing this makes me want to go back and read the series again. Nice looking trailer, just hope it doesn’t get tagged with that "just another action blow stuff up movie" tag. Will definitely be in line for it.

  43. know nothing about it, but Chris Evans wins me over everytime!

  44. I def will want to catch this flick! But the books are so hard to find, does anybody know if they are gonna re-release The Losers in some kind of collected format or just re-release the trades at all in time for the movie or earlier even?

  45. dear lord, that looks fucking awesome!!!!!

  46. @Spider Titan – The first two trade volumes were just rereleased in a single new edition.

  47. If there is one thing I can take away from this trailer……The Losers love to use rocket launchers.

    @fnord: Everytime I remember that film and see the cast, I feel nice and warm inside. That film is gonna be soooo fun.

  48. I haven’t read the books, but, this looks like one of those rare birds – the witty, FUN, action movie.  You remember those, they used to make them ‘back in the day’.  Not so much anymore. 

  49. It’s funny…today I started to reread my back issues of The Losers, and found that the ad on the back cover for issue 1 is for The Wire, complete w/ a pic of Idris Elba. Life’s funny coincidences…

  50. Looks fun and reminds me of yet another series I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten too.

  51. Yeah, please read the book, preferably AFTER the film. That’s my recommended order.

  52. Losers is one of my favorite books, can’t wait. It looks good and it looks like the actors they picked fit the rolls pretty good.

    Not sure about the Director but will take a wait and see attitude, It’s Diggle dialog though and I love that.

  53. yay

  54. That was meant as a non-ironic "hell yeah" yay and not as a too-hip-for-bullets-gonna-watch-me-some-mumble-core-movies yay.  

  55. Is THE LOSERS vertigo comic based in any way on the classic OUR FIGHTING FORCES, THE LOSERS by Jack Kirby. or is it just the same name?

  56. Just the name, Diggle claimed to have never read the other book.

  57. Hmm the guy who wrote the screenplay also writes:

    Friday Night Lights (both film and tv series) and Wonderland (an interesting show that got axed from the pliot)

    and directed: The Kingdom and Hancock.

    So….not a bad resume at all.

  58. Oh I’m sorry, I got that all wrong. (already)

    James Vanderbilt is writing this and his resume isn’t all that impressive. Zodiac being his best work; while also doing The Rundown, Basic, Darkness Falls.

  59. "So The Comedian, Heimdall, and The Human Torch walk into a film studio…"

    To quote Jon Stewart: "Is ‘synergasm a word?"


    Is the comic, ‘The losers’ based at all on the 1968 film, ‘The losers’?

    Group of military vagrants. Flaming motorbikes. Customised weaponry. 

    Just caught my eye yesterday when looking for the 2010 trailer. Looking forward to picking up the comic now.  

  61. @PaulMontgomery Sweet! Thanx!

  62. @Simon I talked about that earlier in this thread as I was disappointed it wasn’t the Losers book I used to read as a kid… but they aren’t really a Jack Kirby book though.  Most stories were written by Bob Kanigher and had a lot of different artists like Joe Kubert.  I do think Kirby had a short stint on the book in the mid 70’s.

  63. I’m all in on this one.  Looks like fun.