First Look at Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #1

Whether you think the series is a good idea or not, you've got to admit that it's a heck of a creative team with Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert, and these are some pretty pages.  Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #1 is out on May 5.



  1. Is this going to be canon? … not the comic book, this article … is it still canon with the elseworld Josh April fool’s joke?

  2. For all the buzz I’ve heard about Jason Aaron, I don’t know that I’ve actually read any of his work. Looking forward to this nonetheless, though; these two characters always seem to play well off of each other and this looks like some of Adam Kubert’s best (expecially after some hit-and-miss work on, ironically, Wolverine and Spider-Man).

  3. The Orb!!

  4. HOW CAN THINK ABOUT SPIDERMAN AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!?!  Without Josh we’re a rudderless ship lost at sea.

    Those pages are damn pretty. 

  5. I was resisting this and waiting for the collections, just because of past lateness problems on the Astonishing X-Men buuuuuutttt, that’s starting to kinda remind me of the stuff Aaron did with Ghost Rider which was awesome.  I may have to give in, curse you ifanboy!!

  6. The Orb and his Eyeball Gang! I think I have found my new favorite villain.

  7. If I hear good things, I’ll pick up the collections of this.  I do love me some Aaron.  Spider-Man doesn’t seem like a match to his writing strengths, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  8. @comicbookchris You’ve got to check out Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider, The Orb is in it a few times!

  9. this is going to be awesomee

  10. @Gobo that’s a great run that not enough people talk about

  11. im in as long as jason aarons writing

  12. does anyone know whats happening with Ghost Rider? Is it cancelled, is Aaron still going to be doing it. I would trade in any superfluous wolverine and/or spider-man titles for more Aaron written Ghost Rider.

  13. i heard they were going to release a Jason Aaron Ghost Rider Omnibus…..

  14. Aaron is a great up-and-comer, but who is this aimed at?

  15. This will be the first on-going(ish) spider-man title I’ll be buying since BND make me hate spider-man (I’ve recently decided to buy all the Jenkins ‘peter parker’ stuff and finish sensational pre BND)

  16. Jason Aaron is the author of my favorite book… plus the first issue comes out on my birthday; it’s a sign.

  17. I’m all over this.

    So many of my books are ending and this is a good replacement.

  18. This will be awesome.  I’m getting the paperback.  Don’t want to wait 1 year for the equivalent of 1 episode of "Lost."  🙂

  19. WOW! AWESOME! Who knew Jason Aaron could write a pretty funny Spidey? Can’t wait!

  20. Where did they go??!!


  21. Since Jason Aaron is my new current fav and the stuff he is doing on weapon x is awesome than this is a no brainer.

  22. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    SO good. 

  23. I haven’t seen Adam Kubert pages in such a long time, it looks great but after re-reading all my Scalped issues superhero stuff from Aaron is just not at the same level when I see his name on a book.

  24. @sK0pe

    Kubert did The List: Spider-man a few months back. 

  25. @sK0pe

     I have to dissagree with you. The Weapon X is really becoming one of the best Marvel books out there.

  26. That’s a great design for a villain.

    Looks amazing, I’m sure Aaron will make this enjoyable to read. Still…..some reason I think this is more of a trade wait.