FIRST LOOK: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Via the film's official website, here is our first look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman/Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises

Now huh. We're not really…there's not…not a great deal of cat fancy going on in this image. Which leaves us wondering whether this is Selina's only look for the film. It's not exactly the Darwyn Cooke visual rumored to have been employed. This looks more like an update of the 60s television Catwomen fused with Yvonne Craig's Batgirl. Though maybe that's just the bike talking. 


  1. I have been pretty hapy with all of the photos & teaser trailer, but this one, I don’t really know how I feel. There’s no remnants of any cat-like costume wear at all, although perhaps this more realistic approach will serve better. Yet the one problem I have are those goggles. They make her look like she just came out of Minority Report and jumped on the Dark Knight Rises set. Really questionable, but I still have faith in Nolan. In Nolan We Trust.

  2. Haha, I was wondering how long it would take to hear the phrase “In Nolan We Trust” – 1 comment! That has to be a record.

    It’s true though. It’s difficult to form any opinion on a lot of these shots and stills and whatnot without context – I don’t know what role Selina plays in this film – but it has no effect on my excitement for the film. I’m not even sure why I look – I know I am going to see this film, and until then I have very little doubt it will be excellent.

  3. I’m praying the mask is only on her face so that she can effectively pilot the “batpod”.  I hope she is in more traditional (and Darwyn-esque) garb for the rest of the film.

  4. Reminds me a lof to 2nd Goblin from Spider-Man 3.

  5. **a lot (bleh)

  6. Its one picture so NATURALLY this post is going to be bogged down with haters, and complainers. So I still am keeping my faith in Nolan to deliver a dynamite 3rd film. It seems like no matter how good the first two were, you still have people who doubt and complain about the guy. Its just how the fans are, I have faith.

  7. Yikes.

  8. @stuclach  Agreed. I’m  not going to go hater yet, but that getup does little to protect her identity. That seems to be necessary for the character.

    And I’m pretty sure Marion Cotillard isn’t just “Miranda Tate” either.

  9. I don’t know about you guys, but this is exactly how my cat looks!

    Photo needs context is all. My only gripe would not be about the picture, but why this picture was posted, if in fact this is not her final costume. Would that be WB brass saying, hey, let’s get a post one so we don’t get a leak out like Bane, and maybe they haven’t gotten to the film scenes where Selina is in costume yet.

  10. You know what? This Anne Hathaway woman is rather attractive.

  11. I think it’s cool.

  12. Does this mean she is filling a “sidekick” type roll? Can anyone just drive the batpod? i know in Begins, Bruce had to allow Gordon to drive the tumbler.

  13. @ed29AF i’m thinking that she is stealing it.

  14. Hmm ill wait to see more before making my mind up

  15. maybe they’ll do that bad movie dialog thing where she’s just a normal gal,  falls off the bike, lands on her feet and goes….”well i sure landed that one like  a…CAT-WOMAN” and poof..birth of a character.

    i really don’t like her at all, and find her kinda of perpetually annoying and plain so i need some convincing on this one. I was hoping for that Darwyn Cooke thing….oh well maybe next time…it is only one image.  

  16. Still have high hopes for her portrayal, but you can’t really see much here…

  17. From that Picture you really cannot tell much about her costume


    All kidding aside, that look fits very much into the Batman world that Nolan has created and it looks pretty darn cool. I have one question though. I know everyone has been saying Anne Hathaway is playing Catwoman, but I thought I remember WB and Nolan always announced she was playing Selina Kyle with no mention of Catwoman. I would have to fool myself into thinking there is no Catwoman in this movie, but has the official stance on the character changed?

  19. I don’t want to be negative but this looks terrible to me. Bane looks okay but he is also lacking. Anne Hathaway is terrible casting also. She’s an okay actress but so goofy looking I can’t stand it. I know they originally planned this as a trilogy with the Joker in the final film, since Heath Ledger died I feel like they don’t know what to do. Obviously this will still do fine but how many regular moviegoers are going to lose interest when they see this after both Ledger and the Joker? I love Nolan but by this film I’ve grown tired of all the dark and realistic. I’m more excited for The Avengers now.

  20. I don’t understand releasing this picture off first. Why show a character and not truly show her? Also I think it’s just as ridiculous to say this film will be great as to say this film will be bad.

  21. Kinda Matrix-like.

  22. not the best pic… but not it makes me wonder whats happening in the story.. Did Batman part the cycle to get a Coffee and Selina “borrowed” it for a little test ride?

  23. Batman Begins was an adequate batman movie, Dark Knight only excelled beyond adequate because of Ledger. Nolan better bring it for me to get enjoyment from this.

    For the record, I prefer Keaton’s Bruce Wayne to Bale’s, and am extremely skeptical that this movie won’t be a bore fest.

  24. Reminds me of James Franco in Spider-Man 3. “What if, instead of a costume…leather and sunglasses?” 

  25. I don’t much care for this look. I am also not a big fan of Bane’s look, I didnt like the look of Legers Joker and I really dont like nolan’s take on the batsuit. I think “practical” and “real-world” could also be “mundane” and “unimaginitive”. It makes no sense that the fantastical and impossible world of superhero comics (yes even batman) should be done in a real world manner. Just a bad idea.

    And yet the movies have been great. In context every characters look makes sense, and somehow they are both realistic and fantastic at the same time. No idea how that works. Maybe subliminal messages? Maybe a deal with the devil. I dont know but somehow in the movie she could be wearing an orange prison jumpsuit or a lady gaga meat dress and id come out saying “yeah that was catwoman”

    dont trust nolan, fear him. hes not human… like the batman

  26. …then again, has anyone in these movies had a real superhero costume besides Batman? I guess it might not fit, tonally. I recind my mocking, and agree with @abstractgeek.

  27. @abstractgeek Nolan seems to be the best director at displaying the characters character. I think that’s why his films work so well. I love his Batman movies but I will enjoy when they get more fantastical in the future.

  28. meh…haters gonna hate.

    I heart me some Anne Hathaway!

  29. @viperseatlotus  Amen.

  30. Anne Hathaway is a pretty shit choice for a character like Catwoman. She doesn’t exactly scream “bad girl”

  31. Eh, one picture taken out of context. Have to wait for more pictures.

  32. I love the lipstick.

  33. @TheGoddamnDeadpool  Agreed. The BatCycle is blocking most of her 🙁

  34. @edward, who screams “bad girl” to you? (and yes i know how that sounds)

    Hataway is a pretty good actress, i am pretty sure she can act like a bad girl. She plays one in Rachel getting Married and got lots of praise for her protrayal.

  35. It looks okay, I’m still very excited for this movie.

  36. Catwoman stealing the Batcycle.  Whats not to like?  

  37. Not the best choice of poses for a press release photo, but looks fine to me. It looks like she just has to pull the mask over her head for the comic book look (which, other than the the mask, doesn’t exactly scream cat all that much, either).

  38. Catwoman, huh? Wake me up when they make the Wonder Man movie…

  39. The more meorable thing about Catwoman in Batman Returns was how awesome she looked in the full on vinyl catsuit, and considering Anne Hathaway’s entire body is obscured from viewed, I can’t really judge based on her headset. I’m guessing this is more intended to be a glimpse of Selina Kyle as opposed to the “Catwoman” image. But then again, I wasn’t too impressed with how Bane looks in images. I’d much rather judge Catwoman based on seeing her in action.

  40. doesn’t look like prostitute thief selina that i thought we were going to get.  more like rich socialite selina, maybe as a bruce foil.  ok. 

  41. The still is labeled Anne Hathoway as “selina kyle” not “catwoman” so hopefully this is her before she turns into catwoman. I kind of see this as her stealing the bike to show how good she is, then later on turning into Catwoman.

  42. I’d actually be fine with Selina Kyle just being a femme fatale cat burgular in the movie. I don’t necessarily need her to wear a cat get-up or even be named Catwoman. But you know, I’m not a purist. I get it. 😉  

    So, uh, where’s this Selina Kyle picture anyway? Why are you guys posting up a picture of Tom Cruise in the new Mission Impossible movie? 

  43. Does this scene occur before or after Ryan Reynolds shows up?

    How much of the previously established continuity will still be relevant after the DC reboot?


  44. I do have to say, I don’t like that it shows her ears. I like her with her hair down, covering her ears. I find her ears to be very unattractive – they spoil her good looks. I’m not being sarcastic or trolling, I am very serious and have said this before about her on this site. I realize this is an odd complaint, but otherwise I find her very attractive and talented.

  45. So one photo, we cant see the costume completely, we dont know the context of what shes wearing and how and its terrible?

    some fans are just so stupid

    and for those complaining about bane what have we seen? ONE or TWO photos and about 5 seconds of footage? and its terrible? REALLY?

  46. There’s two more pictures of her here:

    It’s really hard to judge since I’m sure this isn’t her final costume. But she does look like someone out of a Mission Impossible movie rather then Catwoman…..She sure is sexy though…

  47. @TheNextChampion  Thanks for the link!  I hope it’s not the final costume either, but I think it does look a lot better from the side. 

  48. Has Nolan or Warner Bros ever actually said she’d be “Catwoman”? I’m kind of with @daccampo in that I think she’ll be a cat burgler named Selina Kyle – it fits with what we’ve seen of the Nolan Bat-verse. I think we’ll be lucky to get a throw away line with someone referring to her as a catwoman.

    also, I so hope that picture is of her stealing the Batpod. Because that would be awesome.

  49. from the extra pictures that TNC provided in the link, it looks like this is during the scene that some of the photos of bane that have been leaked. piece them together and it might give us a pretty good indication of what’s going on in this film.

  50. It certainly looks like Bruce is fucked in this fight sequence.

    He’s fighting Bane and his goons, Talia Al Ghul and her men seem to be coming for him, and Selina decides to steal his only ride. 

  51. Yeesh

  52. @TNC I wonder if Talia is coming for Bane or possibly both Bane and Batman? I feel like Bane is a rouge member of the league of shadows.

  53. Is this a film still and not a paparazzi snap of Anne Hathaway buying a motorcycle? :-p What a bland piece of set. Not a lot to comment on of yet. Was hoping for a more costume-y costume.

  54. @WonderAli  totally agree. I want to see her hotwire the Batpod.

    And then I want to see Batman trying to hitch a ride home. He would’ve called Alfred, but — dammit, she got his cellphone, too!

  55. i dont think catwomen works for this franchise, it seems silly to me. i just cant picture this batman allowing it. but maybe he doesnt i dont know yet. i trust nolan so we will see but i dont think it fits.

  56. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @LEXPRIME  Why so serious? 

  57. @halik  Anne Hathaway is “goofy-looking”? What’s Audrey Hepburn to you, “awkward”?

    And I don’t know why people are asking for a “Darwyn Cookie” Catwoman. Darwyn Cooke is all about straight-up hardcore golden age. Nolan’s take is about the exact opposite of that. What we see there is about more of what I’d expect from him.

    And I like it! 

  58. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @RaceMcCloud  The Catwoman we see in today’s comics–short hair, black catsuit, zipper, hood-lik cowl, goggles–is the Darwyn Cooke version we’re talking about. It’s by no means a golden age style. 

  59. Anybody considered she may be half human, half motorcycle?

  60. @NathanNicdao Good one.

  61. What’s with the goggles? Heads up display for the bike maybe?

  62. yeah, not digging this. NOTHING cat-related. bane was kinda disappointing too. i’m certain i’ll love the movie, but still. i’m too much of a fanboy for this watered-down catwoman.

  63. Oh….Maybe this is the final costume. (Judging from this article on bleedingcool)

  64. @TheNextChampion  oh no

  65. @TheNextChampion  –that link you posted says the costume is a fake photo-chop. 

  66. @wallythegreenmonster  Oh…..nevermind then.

  67. Meh

  68. Nolan is prosaic.

  69. @PaulMontgomery  Yeah, but it’s by no means something Chris Nolan would do, either. Too comic-booky. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll wager half a shilling on it.

  70. And really, at this point do any of us have any right as fans to second-guess anything Chris Nolan decides to give us in a “Batman” movie? No, but some of you will disagree.

  71. @PaulMontgomery  Also, you’ve already lost out on the Darwyn Cooke short hair, it seems… and with Ms. Hathaway’s hair that long, I’m going to say there’s no cowl going on, either… and there are indeed goggles in that picture, but certainly not the stylized aviator goggles Mr. Cooke put on his Catwoman. She does appear, however, to be in an all-black leather jumpsuit that zips up the front (although we can’t tell if it’s a one-piece here), so that does match up. It’s the most generic part of the design, though.

    Again… in Nolan I trust.

  72. I wouldn’t post anything else, but I was thinking about this and blogged about it. Check here if you’re interested:

    @Paul – In a nutshell, you’re right; the Darwyn Cooke Catwoman is super-boss. But as great as it is, I’d rather see the Chris Nolan version of Catwoman in this film, not see him regurgitate another artist’s vision. That’s all.