Fear Agent Movie is in Development

From the moment I fell in love with Heath Huston’s comic adventures, it was pretty obvious that this would make a killer summer movie.  Well,
it looks like it’s happening.

As always, I feel the need to emphasize that development doesn’t mean you’ll ever see an actual movie, but people are being paid to write a script, and they’ll be looking for a director to attach and make the thing move forward. 

Some of the most fun comics I’ve read in the last few years have been issues of Fear Agent, and the mind boggles at the number of cool alien blasting adventures that would look pretty great on the big screen.

No word whether my Pick of the Week review, printed in issue 24 will be part of the plot.  We’ll be sure to let you know.

If you were in charge, who would you look to cast as good ol’ Heath Huston?


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Awesome news!

    I nominate….me!

  2. Nathan Fillion!! It needs his sexy roguish charm.

  3. Thank you, Garrett.

    Cowboys and Aliens has been in in development hell for about 10 years, so I’m not going to get excited over this one until it starts filming.

  4. Maybe a cleaned up Josh Holloway

  5. I have to second Nathan Fillon.

  6. Any word on when the Fear Agent Omnibus will be coming out?  I enjoyed the first trade, but when I heard Remender said an omnibus would come out soon collecting the whole series, I thought I’d wait for that.  But now I’m getting antsy…

  7. I’ve read only one issue, but loved it and also heard talk of an omnibus and am waiting patiently.

  8. Ben Affleck. He was the bomb in Phantoms yo.

  9. At first I think of Jason Lee but then I think more on it and i don’t really see it, well not as strongly as when I first thought of it.

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like the Josh Holloway choice.  

  11. I don’t know about you guys, but I think Nathan Fillion would be great in this.  He’s perfect.

  12. Yes, Nathan Fillion would be very good.

  13. @Paul –  I nominated you first, dammit.  Personally, I think you should get the spot based solely on your photoshopping skills.

    @Ron – I agree 100%.  Fillion is perfect.  Of course, that means he has no shot at the part, but one can dream.

  14. I actually don’t think that Fillion is a good fit (business reasons aside which don’t make him a fit) for Heath. I don’t really see him as the Heath Huston type – I see someone a bit more broad shouldered and rugged. If you could put Fillion’s personality into, like, Adam Baldwin’s body that *might* work.

  15. @Paul – you know who would make a good Josh Holloway?

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Conor – I don’t think that’s possible with science.

  17. @Conor – So Brad Pit?

  18. Actually, Brad Pitt is a great choice.

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Here’s one: If they said Matthew McConaughey was being considered, how would you feel?

  20. So 5 volumes, I see on Amazon.  I’ll have to check out the preview.

  21. @Paul – It’d be a landmark film for having the first "shirtless in space" scenes

  22. Oh no not Brad Pitt, I like him but too pretty.

    I like Fillion too, but his appearance is also not macho enough.

    Bruce Campbell, that’s who I would use.

    Pity he wouldn’t get the pull since he’s not box office meat. 

  23. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Heroville – You obviously haven’t perused my dvd collection.  

  24. @Crucio: And he’s about 20 years too old.

  25. Brad Pitt really would be awesome as Heath.  Especially with a really good director at the helm.

  26. @gobo: I’m liking this Brad Pitt thing more and more. And I don’t think he’s too pretty — Heath himself is a good looking guy, women love him.

  27. @Crucio: I take that back, he’s not 20 years too old, he’s only about 10-15 years too old, but he’s also in no kind of shape to play Heath.

  28. I honestly don’t understand the love for Nathan Filion that people who frequent this website have.

    Anways, the thought of a Fear Agent movie is the best thing I’ve heard all day

  29. @Conor: Campbell is 51 to Pitt’s 46.

    Heath looks to be at least 15 years older then me and I’m 31. So it’s pretty close to what I would imagine. Plus they have the same hair, jaw and cheek bones. I wish I knew how to post a pic of both their head shots. Heath looks like he was drawn from Campbell. 

  30. Personal hypothesis proven: My random smart ass comments are more than often my best ideas

  31. I know that it’s already been mentioned but can we please get off the Nathan Fillion thing? I think outside the box! Just because the dude was in a Joss Whedon show doesn’t mean he’s prefect for every nerd-culture related movie. the same thing goes for Bruce Campbell, the man’s 45 plus years old!


    How about Hugh Jackman, Toby Macquire, Robert Downing Jr or Christian Bale? 

    Garret Dillahunt  Boo-yay!



  32. @Crucio: I put Heath at 35-40. But it’s all about appearances. Actors have ranges — ages they can play. Bad Pitt has kept in shape and can play younger. I’d buy him in a roll as a late 30s/early 40s guy. Campbell has not. Do you watch BURN NOTICE? He’s not in great shape.

    I’m a huge Campbell fan but as he is right now, he’s all wrong for Heath.

  33. @conor I have to disagree that Nathan Filion wouldn’t make a good fit. He has good range in skills and he has shown he can be kickass and funny at the same time. Brad Pitt is a little overrated based on his most recent performances from Benjamin Button, Burn After Reading. Now that might be untrue after seeing his upcoming flick, but that’s my general sense because the previous acting was a little flat and shallow.

    I think and I would have to assume that @conor and most of would have to agree that depending on who is the director and what the script is really will set the direction on who should be cast. I know its fun to play the guessing game, but we might get our favorite and get a crappy director/script and it would be like X-men 3 all over again. How would you feel if that happens? Probably upset and sad that the film was a waste, but if its a actor you didn’t like with a lousy director/script you just walk on by and never knew that it happen like Ghost Rider. I’d rather wait to find out who the director is and what kind of script then start playing the guessing game. 

  34. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Benjamin Button was great. Not a perfect film, but Pitt offered a nice, restrained performance. I was really impressed with him in that.  

  35. @Conor: I havn’t even heard of Burn Notice might not be in Canada yet, last thing I saw Campbell in was a cameo in Spider-man 3 maybe 2? Not sure. I just pulled up head shots of Heath and Bruce and they’re spitting images of each other but I have no idea when the shot was taken, if he looks older then his age then I readily admit it wouldn’t work.

    I still think Pitt is too pretty, I see a difference between rugged handsome hard lived space dude and his looks but I’ve seen him pull it. He’d definetly be able to act the role, since few have wider range then him.

    @edward: wow, you say avoid Fillion and Campbell because of the geek fascination and then list off Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Batman.

    I’m not sure who I’d go with now.  

  36. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Google "Bruce Campbell, Burn Notice" for a current image of the guy (who still rules by the way, just at a different mass and volume).  

    Pitt and Holloway are my top picks from the discussion so far.  

  37. @Conor: Yes he has gone….soft. That show looks interesting, going to have to read some reviews see if it’s worth downloading.

     @Paul: I think I’m leaning towards Holloway. He feels around the right age. I should get off of strick appearances though since my gut reaction was his shoulders were not broad enough.

  38. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Crucio – Burn Notice is a lot of fun. Highly recommended. 

  39. I should be a professional casting agent, how the hell do you even get that job?

  40. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Heroville – I actually know one. You intern at smaller places and move up from there.  

  41. Well no choice, I say we go with Ryan Reynolds, declare him lead of all Comic Book movies here on out. On the plus side Wonder Woman can also go on being made now with a name tied to it, he’ll look good in the golden eagles…havta CGI some breasts in. On the down side, I can’t believe I spelt "Strict"…"Strick" in my previous post.

    I am ashamed.

    Off to acquire Burn Notice.

  42. @Curcio: are you for real? or did you just over-ironic my ironic statement?

  43. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:





    What about Chris Isaak?! 

  44. Now we’re talking

  45. @Paul – Is Chris Isaak too pretty? (Also, can we start everything again??)

  46. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Chris Isaak isn’t pretty, per se. He’s beautiful in the way that Biblical heroes were beautiful. Like David or the one who almost got cut in half by his dad.  

    Chris Isaak could star as Heath, score the film, and provide a hit music video in the vein of Men in Black.

    You assume I’m being sarcastic. I am not.   

  47. @edward: I may have, but if I did I meant it in the strictest idea of a juxtaposition of an incongruous event or I may have not.

    I say pull one out of left field and use Cate Blanchett.

    Any opinions on Sean Bean? 

  48. But how do we know if Biblical heroes were beautiful?  Obviously, Jesus was a magnificent pale skinned, blue eyed lady killer (according to my western Kentucky southern baptist upbringing), but the rest of them might have been fugly. 

    If I recall correctly, the one who almost got cut in half was actually named Isaac, so (if you will allow me to make a strawman argument) Chris Isaac has to play Heath.

  49. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m the only kid who got that illustrated bible off TV? It’s like Conan with lessons!

  50. Bruce Cambell is the obvious choices in looks, but sadly, a bit too old. The thing is, Cambell has that odd sort of gravitas to pull it off. Alas. I love Paul’s idea of Chris Isaak. However, he’s not looking so great either. I hadn’t thought about Fillion, but he’s a little too good looking and smarmy to be Heath. You need to be a bit of a Wolverine to be Heath, if you know what I mean. Adam Baldwin might be a good choice. Though I guess he’d just be playing Jayne again?


  51. I’d like to see it made into a high budget anime film using Moores character designs but I guess that wouldn’t put bums on seats. Its just hard to imagine live action doing it justice. Worse yet Hollywood will schmaltz up Heath and Mara’s relationship.I can already hear the string symphony rising up out of nowhere as they finally embrace,and the bile in my throat rising with it.

  52. @Paul – Our bible wasn’t allowed to have pictures in it.  That is a sin.  My grandfather was a southern baptist preacher, so in my house everything (masturbation, chewing with your mouth open, making eye contact, breathing noisily, etc) was a sin.

    I can’t believe your heathen parents allowed you to read a picturebook bible.  This explains so much.

  53. @stulach, @paul There aren’t too many glowing descriptions of people in the Bible. Like, I’m pretty sure most of the Old Testament guys are old and decrepit when God decides he needs them to do stuff. I really only remember Joshua being said be good looking. And women are usually only said to be good looking in the Bible when they’re the cause of some great evil. Compare Delilah’s beauty to Ruth’s homeliness. (Her original name was Mara, you don’t know good looking people "Bitter Herb.")

  54. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I wouldn’t say chris Isaak is in bad shape. He’s not a matinee idol, but (numbers aside) I think he’d be good in that role. 

  55. @PraxJarvin – I didn’t need the bible to tell me that attractive women are evil.  Sonia taught me that one.

  56. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Moving on…

  57. Paul, I’m from the South and I’m pretty sure that you’re going to Hell for saying that Chris Isaak is Biblical hero beautiful.

    Fortunately, I know someone who can save your soul.  He doesn’t have email but write a letter saying you want to be forgiven and I’ll make sure he gets it. 

  58. @UltimateHoratio…. Conor?

  59. How about John Barrowman?

    Also, the person ultimatehoratio is referring to is me. I don’t have email, but I do charge $30 per Baptism.  $40 if you’re Catholic (holy water ain’t cheap).

  60. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Chris Isaak looks like Lucifer before the Fall. 

    The physical appearance of an Angel, with the vocal range and loyalty of a 12 year old basset hound. He’s perfect! 

  61. John Barrowman is a thought, stulach. But I don’t know. Much as I love Captain Jack Harkness, that is. Though with Barrowman involved, Houston would become an omni-sexual character, me thinks, which would be an interesting take. 😉

  62. @Paul – *sigh* Each of your posts gets you closer to hell.

    Seriously though, John Barrowman has the look and some chops.

  63. @Paul that’s cool that you like him in BB. Like I said I’ve felt unimpressed with his last two performances but I’m ready to give him another chance in the bastards Tarantino flick.

    I’d say if HH is got to be from Texas you can go one of two ways depending on how they want to make a film. You can either go the old cowboy like Tommy Lee Jones or crazy redneck. Crazy redneck sounds like a fun way to go. 


  64. I’ve changed my mind — I want Mike Rowe to play Heath Huston.

  65. Too bad he’s not a little younger, but I would say Kurt Russell. 

  66. Jack Black?

  67. @conor – He certainly has the look, but can he act (drunk)?

  68. @ultimatehoratio – You nailed it.  Case closed.  Where is Paul to shout HOLD EVERYTHING when you really need him.

  69. I am duper stoked great book probably my favorite trades. I say we give it too….. Ryan Rynalds, green lantern deadpool Heath he could be our savior. How about Ray Liota

  70. Brad Pitt….or BRUCE CAMPBELL?

    Pitt or CAMPBELL?

    I think you can tell what my pick is by how I capitalized it. 🙂

  71. So TNC is down for Pitt, awesome

  72. Actually Mike Rowe would be an inspired pick. He does the humor and that put upon look of an everyman very well. Does he actually act? I love his shows.

  73. John C. Riley. Nuff said.

  74. This guy, whoever he is, has to be able to take unrelenting punishment both physical and psychological, much of it self-inflicted. Assuming the Hollywood version is anywhere near as merciless to its main character.

    I’ve got it!: Ryan Reynolds.

  75. Maybe Bruce Campbell could play Heath’s dad.

    Cole Hauser.

  76. @Heroville: Touche! 🙂

    @josh: Is that character like Campbell? Cause to be honest, other then Heath, I dont remember most of the people in the book.

    @Jimski: That’s perfect!….Wait…

  77. Josh Brolin would be great.  He looks pretty dang close to Heath, and I think he has the acting chops and physical abilities that he could play Heath perfectly.

  78. FILLION.

  79. Like I said before: Clive Owen

  80. Can anybody check to see if Ryan Reynolds is available?

  81. @ mrlogicol

    wnt be out until august 2010.

    i was going to wait for it but at this rate…i duno.


  82. maybe Edward Norton, Chris Evens, Brandon Routh or Ian McKellen?

  83. Another suggestion: Joel Gretsch

  84. Why has no one suggested Steve Guttenberg?

  85. Gerard Butler anyone?  Can look pretty or rugged.

  86. Super excited for this movie!

    As for casting…I could see Brad Pitt, but honestly, Fillion would fit perfectly in my opinion. Not just to be on the bandwagon (although he is a fantastic actor) but I think he’s got the chops for the role, much like I thought he would’ve for Hal Jordan too.

    Brad Pitt is not a bad choice though…and it’s more likely than Fillion, so here’s hoping 😛 

  87. Gerard Butler is many wonderful things, but "Texas" is not among them.

  88. Billy Crudup?

  89. Stephen Moyer?

  90. The more unknown your Heath actor is, the smaller your production and marketing budget.

  91. Tom Cruise?

  92. Daniel Day Lewis

  93. Much in the same way that some characters just deserve to be played by an English actor (eg. Gandalf), I think Heath Houston deserves to be played by a Texan.  For whatever reason there’s somthing unique to the Texan mythos that deserves honesty in its portrayal.  This is one of the reasons that, love him though I do, I always kind of threw up in my mouth a little when people wanted to cast Johnny Depp in Preacher.  And I’m from Minnesota, so it’s not as though I’m saying this with some sort of bias.

  94. And… Having said that, I’m gonna suggest a Canadian….

    Kevin Durand, he played Keamy on LOST, and was also in 3:10 to Yuma.

  95. Daniel Day Lewis would be awesome as heath

  96. Bruce would be awful but the guy he co-stars with in Burn Notice, Michael Donovan woudl be awesome.

  97. Opps I mean Jeffrey Donovan, got his real name and character name all mixed together.

  98. Clive Owen? Gerard Butler?

  99. Johnny Knoxville.  He’d be awesome.

  100. Lets just lock any actor who has ever appeared in a show/movie with stubble on their face in a big room and let them fight it out for the honour.

  101. Goos idea Fugmo. Make sure Ben Fosters there too.

  102. Ricky Gervais?

  103. Dude, I shouldn’t have sold all my bac issues. Damn.

  104. Nathan Fillion hands down