Fancy Marvel GelaSkins for iPhone, iPod, and laptops

We get a lot of solicitations for products around here, and 99 times out of 100, I just delete them and keep going, because they're either lame, or have nothing to do with what we do.  (Seriously, the crap people think you'd all like is nearly offensive.)  But these GelaSkins look pretty cool.  They licensed some images from Marvel, and won me over by their use of classic Marvel covers that look old and ragged, like when you dig out those wonderful old comics.  I wonder how they smell.  They've got wraps for iPhones, iPods, and different laptop sizes.  I'll definitely be picking something up for my aging MacBook Pro.  There are also newer images that look a bit like Ultimate Spider-Man covers, which I have chosen not to highlight, because they are somewhat visually loathesome.




But that's not all!  Browsing the site, I saw these flippin' stunning Sin City and 300 images from Frank Miller available too.  I have tough choices to make!


  1. that spider-man skin is baller

  2. The X-Men laptop is awesome. If only I didn’t have a VAIO. I would have got it 🙁

  3. Yeah I know it’s a sticker, not a laptop. Just don’t want to cover the logo

  4. Those are pretty badass.

  5. I wanted to see these ever since I started seeing the Dark Horse ones start appearing in Previews.  This is great.  I’ll wait to see some DC ones first before buying anything though! 

  6. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    That is awesome. Better yet, they didn’t forget about us iPod Classic users. Gonna have to drop some very unsubtle hints about this to my wife.

  7. Super badass. I want the ipod Giant Size Xmen

  8. Just in case you needed more reasons for that cute girl at Starbucks to look scornfully upon you.

  9. @fnord: Maybe that’s a problem *you* have…

  10. I’d like to think any scornful looks I receive from the Starbucks girl have to do with something else ENTIRELY. 


    Here’s a link to all the Dark Horse skins, including a rather nice looking Hellboy on page 2. 

  12. Yup, those are nice too.  Come on.. where are the DC offerings?

  13. @Crippler

    I’d do anything for a DKR #1 

  14. Those look cool but I already have the iFanboy sticker and assorted others on my laptop.

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Damn right, iFanboy sticker. 😉

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m not really into tossing stickers on my laptop, but that Sin City decal’s pretty fly. 

  17. iFanboy gelskins?  Featuring pictures of the various iFanboy net celebs caught in their most candid moments? 

  18. Actually, this sort of reminds of those AWESOME wall decals that Conor linked to a few months ago.  (I think it was Conor)  I loved the idea, just not the execution.  I want to see the scenes or panels that I want to see.. not have them picked out for me.  Print on demand baby.  It’s not just for struggling authors anymore!

  19. It was me, actually.

  20. There’s a couple of Hellboy ones too!

  21. Man, I am in my 30s, I have a kid, I’m successful, and though these things look pretty cool, I can’t look at them and not think that somehow, somewhere, some brutish 13 year old from 1990 is going to beat me up.    

  22. Y’all are carrying around a lot of baggage. I think they’re just cool as shit.

  23. Holy crap these are cool! I’ve been looking for a better case than the lame one I currently have for my iPod so I may have to order one of these.

  24. wait, these are just sticker like things right? not a hard outer shell to prevent fall apart? 

  25. I used Gelaskins for a custom iPod skin for my girlfriend a few months ago, and the product itself is fantastic. I just ordered the Giant-Size X-Men skin for my iPod Classic. I would have gotten one of the Sin City skins, but those weren’t available for iPod Classics. I have very happy now though!

  26. Those are awesome! I want that sin city or x-men one for my laptop.

  27. 2 things

    1. I think the Marvel Cover Collage is pretty amazing.

    2. Where is the Deadpool skin or the variant skins with Deadpool messing with the original? I thought Marvel was requiring that for all their products now. 

  28. Marv checking his list is definitely going on my laptop.

  29. That’s pretty bad ass, especially the Sin City one. 

  30. where do you get them…..

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, the link goes to, which has an online store. 

  32. That last one owns. It’s the kind of panel that makes me want to buy t-shirts of.

  33. Are those stickers? I was under the impression they were like slip-on covers or something. I was tempted by some of the Buffy ones a while back.

  34. Oh I see now, they are removable.

    Heyooo! Just saw the Sin City Nancy one. I should get it just to anger the wife.

  35. Gak!


    I was hoping for Cap’s shield or some Cap themed one.

  36. I have a Gelaskin for my iPhone.  It’s not comics themed, but I like it.  It’s a vinyl sticker that you apply to the back.  Not sure the exact nature of the adhesive, but it is removable and I believe re-usable.  No, it’s not going to afford a ton of protection to your electronic device, but it does make my iPhone less slippery, which I appreciate.  Also, it looks cool.

  37. i will buy hundreds and make a blanket, and when i sleep it shall be in a blanket of awesomness

  38. Wow, someone should have called me out on what I said earlier.. they DO have a print on demand option.  Sort of. 

    I guess I can’t offer any reason to not buy one or three then! 

  39. I actually just got a cool skin for my Blackberry. will make any image.  They are not Gelskins though.  I chose Kamandi #1 and JSA issue for the back.  No, I am not a paid advertiser.  I just like to give people options.  I might try one of these out.  They seem pretty badass.



  40. someone PLEASE tell ’em to do a Hard Boiled gelskin…