Extreme Preview from Image Comics Available for Free

One of the surprisingly exciting bits of news to come out of the New York Comic Con last weekend, was the news that Image Comics would be relaunching the line of Extreme comics, originally created by Rob Liefeld back in the early 1990s. What made this surprising was the fact that it wasn’t just another Youngblood relaunch, rather it would be a complete set of titles including Youngblood, Glory, Prophet, Bloodstrike and Supreme.  But beyond the titles, the creators involved included surprising names like Alan Moore (well, to be fair, it’s one issue left from his work in the late 1990s on Supreme), Erik Larsen, Brandon Graham, Tim Seeley, Joe Keatinge, Ross Campbell and the writer of the film Black Swan, John McLaughlin.

Image Comics had a preview book printed up that they gave out at the panel and at the Image Booth, but now thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can check out the Extreme comics preview book totally for free, right here!  So take a look and see what we mean when we say this is surprising.  How can you look at Glory or Prophet and NOT be intrigued?


  1. Yawn.

  2. Some of the art looked really good but I don’t see myself buying any of these.

  3. Prophet looked interesting.

  4. I’m in for all but Glory.

  5. These (mostly) look great. What a strange occurrence.

  6. Bloodstrike looks suspiciously like Grifter…

  7. love the colors in bloodstrike, some hit and misses but over all i’m looking forward to all the titles.

  8. Yeah, the player kills my PC.

  9. This book looks like it should belong in the 90’s, from the name to the art.

  10. “Prophet” and “Supreme” are stand-outs for me. I actually think that’s some of the best Erik Larsen art I’ve seen in a while.

  11. How many variant covers will there be?

  12. I’m very surprised & am glad Image provided this preview. I was originally going to just write-off the Extreme relaunch, but reading those previews, I’ll be checking out Prophet, Glory, & Supreme.

  13. Prophet is the clear winner out of these in my opinion. It’s fascinating how they took something so clearly a Liefeld design and turn it into something that appears “Indy” which is probably the last word associated to Mr. Liefeld.

  14. Wow, that Prophet and Glory art SUCKS. Really horrible looking. The Prophet story looks sort of interesting, but the art is a major turn off for me.

    The Supreme art is very nice, I might try that one.

    Bloodstrike – Marvel called, they want Deadpool and Wolverine back. Seriously, was there ever a lawsuit over these characters?

    Youngblood – Yawn.

  15. Well. This is a thing that will happen I suppose.

  16. I have some vague memories of a few issues of Supreme in one of my long boxes. All I can remember about him though is he is like Superman, but with white hair.

  17. If they can add the Mayhem! book to their line up, it would be EXTREME MAY-HEM!!!, or MAY-HEM!!….EXTREME!!!