Extended Look: Smallville: Absolute Justice

DC's The Source blog has an exclusive clip from the upcoming 2-hour Smallville event, "Absolute Justice."

Until – if – the clip becomes embeddable, you can check it out here.

My quick reaction? For the most part it's positive. I feel like this two hour episode/movie is going to be a paradise of Easter eggs. The only negative would be that when the painting of Hawkman dissolved into the real Hawkman I did sort of wince a bit. I guess we'll have to wait a few weeks to see how these costumes end up playing on screen.


  1. that rates the definitive "meh"

  2. How meta. A completely pointless, uninteresting way to say something is pointless and uninteresting.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I want the painting. 

  4. Stupid work computer doesn’t have quicktime so now I have to wait until I get home before I can watch this.

    Someone remind me in about 6 hours to go check this out. 

  5. Well, the teaser itself sucked, due largely in part to the insipid music, BUT… come on it still looks awesome.  Pull back the cloth to reveal the famous JSA table?  You have to love it!  This episode still holds a lot of promise. 

  6. I’m not a Smallville viewer; but having just read Jonhs JSA run I’m looking foreword to this episode. Should be a lot of fun.

  7. As a JSA, Superman & Smallville, I’m extremely excited about this movie.

    I think some JSA members would be extremely hard to turn into live-action, especially giving it that Smallville costume style.

    Is that painting taken from an issue? I wonder who the artist was?

  8. I don’t watch Smallville…but…NERDGASM!

  9. I really wanna see this episode already.

  10. I want to see Jay Garrick and Alan Scott SOOOOO BAADDDDDD!!!!!

    Yeah Hawkman does look pretty ridiculous, and I have no doubt we’ll be laughing at him instead of with him. Still, the more I see previews the more I wanna see this.

    More so just to see Garrick and Scott in action.

  11. That painting is amazing. I winced when I saw the Hawkman helmet also, should have kept the eyes tinted glass. See what happens I haven’t watched Smallville in years and I plan on catching this.

  12. I’m still kinds surprised that they chose Hawkman given the budget limitations.  He is a pretty risky choice for that reason.

  13. This is going to be the greatest episode, EVER!!!!!!!

  14. Hey, they’re showing the episode on my birthday!  How did Geoff Johns know?

    I guess he knows all, and sees all.  Geoff Johns is Santa Claus!

    From one Jeff to another Geoff (close enough), thanks for the birthday gift!

  15. When does this ep air?

  16. February 5th.

  17. I’ll probably forget about this and download it in November to watch it while cleaning my room and barely pay any attention. Could still be good though.

  18. thanks

  19. You give me Geoff writing Star Girl and I’m on board as a given, I hope there is a full team, even if some don’t speak. Also any chance to see Sandman done is a bonus, one of my all time favorite costumes.

  20. this will be AWESOME!

  21. Man will this be cool! The promise of seeing both the sandman and Dr. Fate make it all worthwhile and then some!