EXCLUSIVE: VIKING #1 to be reprinted in WALKING DEAD #64

While we were at the San Diego Comic-Con, we caught up with Image partner and creator of Invincible, The Walking Dead and writer of Image United, Robert Kirkman.  During the interview (which can be seen in full in our SDCC 2009 Part 1 video), Kirkman revealed to us that hot on the heels of CHEW #1 being republished in the back of The Walking Dead #63 as a flip book, Image Comics would be republishing VIKING #1, by Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein, in the back of The Walking Dead #64 and would still be selling for only $2.99

With Chew and Viking, Image Comics is showing their dedication and belief in their new books and getting the word out amongst readers of one of their best selling titles, The Walking Dead.  And keeping the price tag at $2.99?  Not a bad deal at all…

You can see the exclusive news from Kirkman here:


  1. I think Kirkman lied to you guys. I heard about this during the con, I believe on the Image message boards.

  2. Or Kirkman didn’t lie but someone else leaked it.

  3. This has been a great idea. I heard about Chew from you guys, but more store didn’t get it and I didn’t know if it was worth tracking down. Having it right at the end of my Walking Dead book was amazing! Plus the fact it’s still only $2.99 is great. 

  4. This is great more publsihers should try this to get the word out on their properties.  It also beats the "previews" that are in the back of some comics.  I believe this and DC’s $1 "What’s Next" approach are the way to go.

  5. hmmmm its a good idea

  6. I like the idea, but Viking #1 was not a very good book. 

  7. It’s definitely a good idea. I’m now buying chew regularly because of the black & white issue they put in the back of walking dead. I’ve been thinking about checking out viking but just haven’t done it yet. I’ll prob like it and start picking it up after this

  8. hmmm?….